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eat, pray, love


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the fall

nothing to write, but really, this one is just a Masterpiece. and I was given the chance from Tino (the Bali Production Manager) to work as an interns. and even so, I was enjoying the days and blessed to have a chance to meet Tarsem Singh.

we don’t have any script, everything is in Tarsem’s mind and I was so amazed with his team, they are solid team and words said that they always shoot together, the dream team of Tarsem.

and don’t start with the movie it self. I can’t put my mind out of the magic words ‘Googly, googly, googly, be gone!’ since I watched the movie.

and Catinca, oh Catinca, how much I want to meet her someday.

what  a wonderful work you’ve done, Tarsem!

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it was a wonderful opportunity that Mira (the Producer) gave me, because I was just a film student, on my way climbing the stairs up, hoping to be a Producer someday, hoping to be like her, someday. and again, Riri (the Director) is my favourite Indonesian Film Director since always. so even if this was a job, this would be one of the best job offer for me.

it’s about Gie, a young activist lived in 1960s and known as an intellectual young mind ever exist in Indonesia, died when he was 27, leaving a lot of wonderful writings, about politics, humanity and love. his only friend and enemy was his own mind, he said. but he lived his live to the best it can be, by being around people.

to be there, working on the biography movie about Gie, working with my favourite Producer and Director, was the only beautiful mess I can expect at the time. and I stepped in.

I have my ups and downs. no enemy, just some thoughts and more-more friends, difinitely a wider landscape ever brought to my sight, how a film production would be look like. so for whatever mess it was, it will be a beautiful memory to remember.

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…the journey continues.

mess suitcase

this mess suitcase is just exactly who I am, mess. but as natural as it is, Iwant to explore possibilities around me, any kind of challenge that will led me into a better person. that’s why if you look closer into this picture, you can almost find everything.

the good thing is that this suitcase is a strong one, the strongest I have between all of my suitcases, and the volume is just right for my self, not too much or less, just enough. so when I found it overload (just a little bit) like this, I know, am trying to do something more than to walk my own journey. and in my case, to be a hero for the world-right now, it’s not good.

so everytime, I tried to keep my stuff fit in this case. because I don’t want to bring too many ‘fat’ in this life. and as I move on every second, I need to believe in my own words, that no matter how mess my stuff in my suitcase, I will walk this path. no matter what.

because this mess stuff is mine and I’m proud of them.

welcome to my mess world, it’s your challenge to find the beautiful side in it. and if you can’t find it, maybe it’s simply because you read this, its beautiful.

thank you for being the beautiful side of my mess. gbu.

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