24 to 29: politic is like pampers

After falling asleep for years, Indonesia wake up and realized, that this country have owns a lot of money from other countries, which developed more and more, from time to time, up ‘til now and continues.

Soekarno, the Proclamator, once mentioned that we better start with our own money, which was not very much actually, to build up this country slowly, but with our own money.

Soeharto, the ‘almost-forever-president-elected’ lead this country for 32 years, built a lot of facilities and forced to resign from Presidency in 1998, because later we found out that together with those wonderful country building records, he left a lot of bills to pay, to other countries.

Then, we have Amien Rais and Habibie, which more like a blink of eye for me. They came and gone in second.

And the most likely a ‘fairy tale’-my mom’s reference- Presidency was Gus Dur and Megawati. One is blind, love to tell jokes, being sarcasm and work from his chair, and other is the Proclamator’s daughter who never finish her college education. Both are chosen and trusted by Indonesian people. Not so many times later, Gus Dur forced to resign from Presidency, and there, our Vice President, Megawati, took the lead to become the President in charge.

The Proclamator’s daughter, who never scare to face her father’s opinion, who never have any doubt of her own principles, and really, simply, a woman, a mother, mentioned that she named her presidency team as ‘Trash Cabinet’, which means that people expected her and her team to clean out the mess of 32 years in 3 years.

Honestly, I think she’s just not lucky enough.

I don’t know so much about this politic worlds, because let’s face it, we don’t have so many actually-in fact our politic has been gone away since it’s telling us the wrong history-. But one thing I know for sure, when she leads, our currency has become stronger. Disasters aside, but we have so many choices to face our daily economy, because the currency had grow stronger. And when she leads, of course, somebody finally took care of our National Garden in Bogor, simply like what my mother does in her house.

Another thing I remember in her ‘Trash Cabinet’, is the ministry of Economy ( I don’t remember exactly his position-not really interested I position, but what he said), Kwik Kian Gie, once spoke to media, “do you want to be free from this bills? To give our children and grandchildren a better life? If you want it to happen, you can have it. As soon as we live poorly for the next 7 years, so we can use the money to pay the bills. So it’s yours to decide.”

Some said, it’s a nice offer, but no, thank you.

I said, it’s quite a challenge you offered, and if we’re gonna do it together, I’m in.

Well, turns out there’s only a little people who thinks like me and considered nuts.

So we have SBY and Yusuf Kalla now, who has lead for almost 4 years now, and promised to give free education and free health care, but nothing has come true yet.

Even so, we have a record of corruptors now, with KPK and all. And yeah, we have some uninvited disasters too, such as Tsunami, earthquake, flood, 2nd Bali bombing (gee, sounds like a sequel for a movie..), Bird Flu, anything, you named it and we had it here. So, SBY and Yusuf Kalla are not really lucky too, I guess. Even though they showed a lot of good gestures about ‘Global Warming’ awareness, like turning off electricity at some areas in a while, and they do that in circles, turn off street lamps after 11 pm, bicycling to work, and else.

Some said, man, this is what we can really call: a President.

I said, hey, good Public Relations staff you have there.

Politic, for me, is like Pampers. To keep the functions go to the right way, you have to change it with a new one every once in a while.

So welcome 2009, and I will sit in my corner, as usually, as I will enjoy my leaders fight for the good sake of this country. For there’s a lot to do, so many things to be fixed, I hope you won’t tricked with your duty to choose one and obey others. Make priorities, and have your team working on those priority lists.

For I know, you’re a human being. And for that, make a mistake would just prove that you’re a human being. And for that too, when you confess the mistake and working to repair the damages, is what I called ‘what makes you a good man’

But first thing first, make a stand and be a Leader. My prays will always be with you. Good luck.

Saturday, December 27, 2008 at 5:21pm

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