27 to 29: have a very happy christmas ^_^

so this is it. my religion. brought to me since I was born, and did nothing to fight it, but just sometimes when I wondered (been forth and back about religions when I was 19) and already answered.

I never asked too many questions about my own religion, and it’s rules. instead I talked to the host of the religion, my lovely Allah SWT, who happened to be the most patient and the biggest ears ever exist (please think outside the box when you read this, you read my notes, anyway), and made a lot of deals with him (not really gender, guys, just because am a woman, I think that God can be a man) when things happens and I have to make decisions based on my religion’s rules.

questions about my religion (Islam) and its rules mostly come from the external side of me. people often come to me and ask, “how you manage to be a moslem?” “is that okay if we gave a greeting for those who celebrating christmas? I told them, “yes, it’s okay. if they’re come to our house when it’s Eid Fitri, why wont we?”

and what about Islam? isn’t there a rule that tells us that we’re not allowed to greetings the christmas?

I opened my right hands, and told them, “can you showed me which rules?”

every year, the same question come and go, and I really apprecite the effort to come to me, to seek an answer (which by the way, I think you’re all come to the wrong person, he he), but, guys, here I will told you, for a thousand times, now and again, that in my opinion, giving a christmas greeting is allowed. it’s actually necessary.

hablum minannas, hablum minallah.

relationship to up (God), relationship with our society (man).

your relationship with your God (since there are too many creative moslem now create many kinds of Islam, almost like create series of summer barbie dolls, I have to mention ‘your’ and ‘my’ before the word God) is your own personal relationship, with God. I, with anybody in the world, has absolutely nothing to do with it.

but when we’re mentioning about living as a social human being, that, we must admit, will caused a lot of new rules that has been adapting from any other rules in a society. saying ‘merry christmas’ is necessary for me, don’t push it too much though.

and if you’re born like a normal baby, I mean crying is all you did, and it made your parents even proud, I mean if you’re normal, you know that your God, my God gave us mind to think. to think is to know that everything has it places, and there’s nothing definitely useless int his world. there’s a ‘merry christmas’ words, and it should be use in a right way, right?

and saying, doesn’t have to means that we believe it.

and that, let’s leave it to each personal business–with their own God. hamblum minallah. as a ‘hablum minannas’, you may simply greet a ‘merry christmas’ to people who celebrates, nothing should be that complicated about this, really.

you know better than anyone else, that Islam would never makes life complicated even more.

well, at least, my religion, my Islam, has always been made my life easier. I always see Islam as a gift from my parents, and a faith that I chose to believe in (when I grow older), not some rules to make my life even more complicated.

merry christmas. may God bless you all the way.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 at 12:12am

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