capricorn horoscope today (tuesday, march 3)

Sigh. So numb so that I read this one:

There will be sudden and unexpected insights today. You are thinking about making a dramatic change to your home, and could find yourself spending a lot of time at the local hardware store. Just be careful to take extra care with fuses and electrical circuits.”

…and another one:

The Hermit
The Hermit represents the need to distance yourself from the people and events in your life that are causing undue strain on your emotions. There are times in your life when seclusion and isolation are warranted. The Hermit is a card of discovery and enlightenment, which can only develop by spending time alone with your thoughts. Your energy will be depleted quickly in social situations.

both has a point, my child.
I was just from Ace Hardware and Index, and I’m planning to stop this ‘narcissim’ stuff in facebook.
some said, ‘it’s so me’, some just nod along with the understanding of my contradictive.

so, we’ll go to buy ice cream tomorrow?..
yeah, you should finish your homework first, naughty.
miss you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 at 9:08pm

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