faces of God

well, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll have a chance to see faces of God. on the street, on your way to school, your way back home, your sleep, your everything. you might not notice at the first time, but it would really change your day. change the way you look at everything. by a simple touch, simple smile, simply by being there sit beside you. don’t bother to really understand this, ‘cos when it happens, it just happens.

like today, I see one of God faces (don’t make too many analyze about this now, too early) on a book, titled ‘letters to sam’. I found this book under big books, best seller books, and have it in my hand in a second and just moved to buy it, to hurry read it.

and baby, it’s an amazing book. well, not that there’s a dragon, or hobbit inside, or telling you stories about frog who becomes a prince once a simple girl kiss him -and your Dad is laughing now-, it’s simply a collection of Grandpa’s letters to his Autism grandson, named Sam.

I’ll write the review later, but what I’d like to share with you is how you communicate is truly up to your choice, and now in this century, we have a lot of media to communicate, and it’s fully yours to decide which one will you use.

Grandpa chose a letter, that contain words and every single character inside it, to share, to communicate. well, you’ll be one of the next generation that might invent new media to communicate better, but even until now, if you look around, words to write, never die, baby.

it became more than culture. more than any disease, if you want to call it that. otherwise, it’s something that we would call ‘written history’.

and Grandpa wrote to his grandson, his daily lives, so that his grandson would understand the world better, no matter if he’s still alive or not.

that such simple thing that brings a lot more meanings, even to imagine that the grandson will finally understand grandpa’s letters when he’s already gone (to meet God) and people like me who read his book will share with him, just simply unremarkable. those simple words build unlimited connections and for that, I must admit, it’s one of God’s faces.

…and it wont be too long before it’s time for you to write.

and we have all the time in the world for that, my dear.

meanwhile, good night.
sleep tight,
kisses from your mom and dad.
love u.

Thursday, December 18, 2008 at 12:18am

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