the one about love and do

Let’s talk about Love. Nah, not that kind of Love, another kind. Since your primary job is playing around and have fun with your friends, I’d like to write you what would coming to your face anytime soon, and should be really pay attention to this, ‘cos it seems alike, but has totally different meaning.

To love what you do,
To do what you love.

In my experiences, I spent most of my times by trying to do that first sentence: to love what I do. And sometimes, people forced by life to do something they don’t love to do. Because Life will not always put you in position where you can choose or decide to do what you love, instead you just have to learn to love what you do.

I never Imagined that someday I’ll turn to be one bookish girl, until now. I never love reading. I love to play and spend times with friends, shopping. Reading? Yuck. But as a student, I have to read a lot of books, that’s what makes my father manage a little strategy for me. Isadora Duncan biography, which was written in comics, was my first comic book which changed my mind about reading. And that was one of the succeeded story of (finally) loving what I do. Thanks for my father then, for now I love to read, and it leads me to have so many wonderful experiences.

My mom, your grandma, had difficulties to put milk into my body since I was a baby. Well, it explains a lot about how fragile my health at the time, because I didn’t have a good antbodi system. So when I was a kid, your grandma cooked anything that I like. Chocolate pudding with fla, blackforest cake, fruit pie, cheese cake, anything that any other kids wants. I grow up with her wonderful touch on those cakes. Never even want to try another cakes. I enjoyed every minute spend eating them, one bite per one bite. What I do realize now, since I’m big enough to know how to make them, your grandma always find a way to put a lot of milk as one of her ingredients for the cake, any cake. And it’s amazing, cos she did the same thing with vegetables and vitamins. Put it all inside a chocolate, inside my sandwich, inside my egg nog, never realize that it contained ‘yuck’ stuff. She said that she had to do that, otherwise I’ll cause her too many difficulties by visiting family doctor too often. See now chocolate milk is my favourite drink.

There’s another thousand examples that people do to try to love what they do, at least, what they have to do. And in return, as a reward, you will finally able to do what you love. To live day by day by doing things that you love. And oh, believe me, it’s bigger than you can imagine. Its really nice to do what you love. Really nice.

And if you’re one of those talented people, who has chosen since his/her birth to do what they love, and live and die for it, gain respect from it, rise and fall for it, then you must be blessed, my dear. Just make sure that you’ll live your life for it, for doing what you love, as long as you live.

Meanwhile, I love you. Dad loves you.
You’re our star. Our only star.
No matter what.
Kisses and hugs.
Monday, Dec 8th 2008
0248 am

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