to love someone who is broken hearted…

…is more like spending your times by being invisible, but giving all you have for him to make him believe that he’s visible and loved by others.

Sound and sentences comes from his past will be your everyday menu, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even for some snacks.

You can always trust your gut, when it comes to lies he’s been showing you days and nights: that’s he’s okay with his past and his future and even his everything. But you know the truth that Everything is wrong, and he’ll give anything to let her know, that he’s still trying to be a better man, everyday.

So there you are, falling in love with his weakness, his courage to tell you that he’s actually scared out of hell. All you can see is that there’s so much love abandoned, so sincere and yet left behind.

And you wonder. You sit and wondering. You listen and wondering. You laugh and you wondering. You cry and wondering. You down on your knees and wondering.

Why should I care? You said.

Nights end. Days begin. Today, tomorrow, and on, and on. And you hear his sounds, calling every little beat you have left. And you just can’t deny.

You fall and fall into, more and more.
You hurt and hurted again, more and more.

You know, you see, you hear.
Why should I care? You said it again.

This time, you have the answer: because I (just) do.

Because I care.

Monday, July 14, 2008 at 9:34pm

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