we’re all connected

Have you ever feel like somehow, even for a second, you’re connected with someone out there? You feel like you know him/her very well.

you might not have the same thoughts, but you’re discussing a lot of topics everyday. and when the day has to end, you realize that he/she isn’t so far away from your self. he/she’s inside of you. and when you open your arms to hold him/her, he/she’ll be gone in a second.

…and you cry, and you cry, asking why does this happen to me. why does every moment has to be so hard.

—googly, googly, googly,–be GONE!—

because we’re all connected, and I just can’t wait to meet You, my soulmate. The father of my unborn child.


Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 10:48pm

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