my future bedroom, hopefully ;)

I was looking for Job Vacancies when I saw this:

Holy, moly, guacamole.

You know? I’ve been searching for a simple design for my king size bed. and this pic has the answer for the room design even! I mean, look at my king size mattress:

my lovely king size bed

Now imagine, just imagine that mattress on that white wood, that low level, little white bed corner made of wood too, and a little chair to read before I sleep. Life is wonderful…

O, my future, lay me down in this room soon, would you?

PS: Thank you for Warisan, great job! God must love me very much if you accept my application 😉 I will definitely visit the showroom in Bali soon 🙂

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2 thoughts on “my future bedroom, hopefully ;)

  1. Oh, yes, looking at design on the internet is definitely way more fun than job hunting! Good luck in your search.

    • Thanks, Christine! I visited the Showroom in Bali, and I’m convinced that I should marry a rich guy to be able to purchase those wonderful craft from Warisan! Ha ha ha… Thanks for the luck, sweety 😉

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