Just because you don’t know everything, doesn’t mean you’re stupid.

Today, for the first time I work here, I saw one reason appear: why someday I will leave this place.

It was 2 pm, when LW (Head of Production), asked a favor to me. She showed me 2 (two) documents, each was a project profile, and told me what she’d like me to do. She wanted me to make those 2 docs become one single document, with the same format of writing and infos. I mistaken her order, instead merging those docs into one, I made 2 docs, each with its own projects, with the same format for details.  So she explained to me once again, asked me to not change anything in the doc and keep the simple.

Okay, I said. Change the margins, font types, makes them all in one type of font,  play with bold and underline. No graphic, no color, make it simple but look high in concept. Got it.

I sent draft 2, just a couple minutes later. DR, the General Manager, called me and told me that it’s (the task) actually for her, and that’s not what she meant.

So she (DR) started to explain what she really meant. Yes, combine these 2 docs into one doc, and with the same format of basic formatting (margins, fonts, etc). Okay. Then, she told me to creatively change the subjects, ‘you have to be meticulous about this stuff’ she said. But yeah, LW told me to not change anything on the docs at all. But okay, I’ll work on those synopsis.

Secondly, she asked me to googling whatever info I need. Be aware of this stuff, she said. Okay, what she doesn’t know is, those address who hold the specific info she needed is restricted to open by the office internet network. But okay, I’ll find a way to get it.

Then, she wanted me to know and remember that she made this doc to present infos to the people who never made any movies at all. Meaning, the language has to be easy to understand. Okay, I said. No technical and too specific vocabulary. For that, she need me to be creative.

Then, I went back to my desk, push ‘meticulous’ button, try to get more infos about the project from The Producer, AW, including googling something I won’t find if I’m still using the office internet networks.  Delete all the technical and specific vocabulary,  change them into words people will understand in one glance, even in the dark while they’re drunk 😛

I sent the doc to DR. Via IMS, I told her that I sent it to her already. And this is how it goes by IMS:

Me: ‘I sent the doc to your email, pls advise..’

DR: ‘oh, really? Udah PD?’ (PD is short from Percaya Diri, means Self Confidence)

Me: ‘PD?’

DR: ‘Percaya Diri’

Me: ‘What do you mean?’

DR: ‘If you sent the doc, then you’re confident enough to know you’re true and did the right thing. Otherwise we can still talk’

Me: ‘I didn’t think that far. I revised the doc as your requests, and I sent it to you ASAP so you can check on it’

DR: ‘Next time before you sent anything, makes sure it’s your best work first’

Me: ‘Okay’

DR: ‘Why don’t you print the doc? We’ll go through.’

Me: ‘The IT guy hasn’t install the printer yet, but I’ll come there now. Thank you.’

So there, we went through, words by words, point per-point. She told me to change some of the titles and for me, those corrections were right. And in some point, I realized what she really wanted. But I let her goes on and on about everything. In this situation, I’ll cut my own mouth if I let my self talk. It will makes me more silly, trying to show her I knew what she meant.

But I did.

One word: Proposal. Another words: for Tomorrow. If she wants to give me some bonus infos: for people who doesn’t know anything about movies/animation.

But yeah, I don’t know a lot, not just yet. And this is just 6th day working (in a Traning program for Animation Producer) in this company, trying to catch-on, fit into, trying to blend in without losing my self. To bully me when I’m a newcomer in the office is fine. To make me feel like I’m nobody worthed enough to be mention as a team member is okay, I can understand the situation.

But to treat me that way, I don’t know. If she really want me to help her, then she will walk me through whatever she meant to be able for me to help her. Even the Producer and Coordinator walked me through the task they wanted me to do.

Or the language here is different?

Or it’s just her and the way she leads?

Or she just had a bad and tired day?

Or I was being too sensitive?

–Good chance it’s because of me and my sensitive mood. At least before she told me so 😛

On my way back home I talked with one of the animator. She told me to hang on, that things will get better once I get through it. I pinched her, just to makes sure she’s not an angel 😉

My objective from the beginning was simple, if everything I know can be useful here. And if it’s not, then I don’t have any reason to stay.

And just because I don’t know everything (including things in her head that she didn’t explained), doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I just need more time to know and understand more. Her ‘bully’ way won’t speed me to that phase.

Oh, I wish I recorded the conversations, would be good to watch over popcorn sometimes 😀

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One thought on “Just because you don’t know everything, doesn’t mean you’re stupid.

  1. You are not stupid. What you failed to do was read her mind. I hate when people expect us to read their mind and then portray us as the stupid one when we don’t. A true no win situation.

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