Open letter for all Crew and Cast of Soegija

Dear all,
13 years of my 31 years working in film productions got me to meet people from around the world.
They have their own ideals, their own visions, their own dreams and way to look at things.
In short, they’re all unique, not one of them is the same with others.
That’s why I love this job, with all of it’s ups and downs, somehow by the end of the road, I’m still longing for another chance: filmmaking.
Film, has become my life.
Differences of opinions, differences of working system, differences of what you say is good or bad, is what I call ‘Challenge’.
Sometimes soon (I haven’t see this happening in this Production Team), as usual, when the production starts,
we will all meet and work things out for one reason: the good sake of the film it self.
That’s when everybody make compromises, just step in and start to contribute.
–as I always believe, no matter how small, everybody is important. Each of them.
In every step that I take, there’s always someone back me up.
Someone I told every single progress to, someone I told about each events happening each day.
Someone I called ‘husband’, ‘partner in crime’.
This someone will back me up no matter how silly my decision is.
And yet, he/she will be the first person who will shout at me when I made mistake.
To this someone, I trusted all my executions, judgements, I trusted all of my instinct.
To this someone, I hide nothing.
This someone, once were existed.
Now it’s like an empty Job Desc that is left and abandoned.

Yesterday morning, one of my good friends, gave me a goodbye hug and slipped me a CD full of my pictures when I was working with all of you in Soegija.
I just realized that the only time I was smiling was when I have interactions with extras, in Semarang.
I guess I was back to the place where I get to meet more people and interacts with them. That was a happy time ^_^

As I helped AD Team to arrange extras on the SET, I know they can be hard at the extras sometimes.
But even extras believe in the reason behind it, than judging on the hard-form shown by all the ADs on set.

That understanding, existed when I step in the wardrobe and make-up dept., even art dept and even in the whole casts.
That understanding, is never existed in my own department.

And so I know, this must be hell for you guys, especially for those who works on SET.
As I know to create goods, we all must supported well, by the production team.
But when I sit and talk with people everyday, I realized what happened in our department, makes us all confused for coordination.

7 years of my 13 years of working in film, was spent working with my colleague also, Beru Nafrati Zora.

She’s not only been my best team member, but also my best reminder.
Looking at her face, I know if things working well or not.

And so that day, when all that she’s done seems all wrong from the judgements of our other production team members, she asked me if it’s possible for her to go home.
She said, “since I’m not doing this good, why should I stay here? If they can do it best, why we have to stand in the way?..”

After talking so many hours with my previous boss, I decided to step back, give the canvas to the team that’s always there but never really there for me and Beru.
We decided to put Peace to those people who never satisfied with our works, who never believe in our production judgements,
who have times to humiliate us in every way they can, but act like the sweetest thing when they messed up and cry for help.

All those debates, times spent for meetings that never really progressing, but even gets worse everyday.
We don’t know who we work for anymore, we couldn’t find one reason why we should put up with one more fight and debate.

We decided to end this war, stop the filtering and let the nature takes it’s course.

But what you must know, my dear friends–those who is not in the production team–, we didn’t give up on you. Never once we did.
This is just something we have to do, so–as they said–, things will be taken care of in a better-better-better way.

So please let us humbly apologize, for all of our mistakes, all of our imperfections.
We have no excuses for this.
Please know in advance that we will miss all of you.
We will smile when we remember all of you, because that was the only good treats we had, to work with all of you.

Thank you, for everything.

Take care ^_^

Ranty Yustina Dewi and Beru Nafrati Zora

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