Itik Bali (Balinese Duck): The most fishy duck in the world

I planned to just wonder around and killing time, as I was waiting for a meeting. But I screwed up my so-called-plan when I entered the bookstore. Shopping, thinking and counting at the same time is not recommended. It can caused you a headache, also a heart ache. Because you don’t have the budget to buy anything that time. Disaster.

Looking at the Agatha Christie’s novels lined up in front of me, I ran away to the bag isle. Nope, wrong choice. I drove my self to the aisle of children books, and suprised my self for there’s a lot of Indonesian comics now published, with a good packaging and the writers are all under 15 years old! I got excited, they have 4 big shelves full with those cute comics! Okay, now I’m touching and reading them. Right.

5 minutes and I have 10 books in my hands, from national and international sections.

Kill me, kill me now.

Then I decided tp make a little tour by putting down the books on each of their aisles again, and heading out. Get away for temptations.

I accidentally bumped with a man, a handsome man, I can say. He said sorry, smiled, and put a book down to a shelf. I smiled back, followed him with my eyes, and now look at the shelf: New Books. They have a lot of titles and I started to have fun browsing.

Because one thing about new books, especially those ones which written by first-time-writers, is I enjoy to predict. Which one si going to be good ones, which one is going to run down for the discount corners soon, and which one will be good to be adapted for a movie.

With my mind going on like that, busy I mean, I will forget my desire to buy.

That’s when I saw this book.

In a movie, you watch the first 5 minutes and stop. If you want to continue to watch more then it should be a good ones, simply because it has a good beginning. Same thing about a book. Read the back cover, and ask your self if you want to read more or not.

And this is what I read on the back of this book:

“My goal in life is simple, becoming a Top Celebrity and be loved by all the handsome boys. For a crazily-beautiful girl like me, it shouldn’t be hard to make it happen. Well, you can say, my face is a wonderful mix between Nikita Willy (US version (maybe): Emma Watson) and Angelina Jolie, beautiful, exotic. Apprently, reaching that dream is not easy. It’s harder than trying to breaking a coconut using your teeth! I pray, and put my best efforts anyway, so then some theories were born from genius experiment stupid things I did. All of them summarized elegantly in this book. Itik Bali (Balinese Duck), the most cute fishy duck in the world.”

I was laughing hard. I mean, she wrote things that every Indonesian teenagers will write. And yet, I can sense that she actually laughing on this phenomenon, the never endless debate from a girl’s teenager’s life (sometimes they carried them on until they’re adult): a value of beauty, the meaning of her name, the struggle to fit in, the plan to accept harsh facts about boys and the dream of becoming a famous star one day soon.

So I ended up buying that book, and read it in 1 hour straight.

I don’t write in Indonesian in this blog, simply because I’d like to train my own english. But some of my friends, they wrote in english because they think Indonesian vocabulary is limited.

After I read this book, I know that Indonesian vocabulary can be rich. When it comes to what people use to say and have conversation from time to time, I can say, every 3 months, we have different way of saying things. Different words, different meanings and way to use in a sentences.

Itik Bali, and everything inside it, offer a new way to look over events happenings in Indonesia lately, the history of Itik Bali’s name, her parents, he way to see silly rules of her school for freshman, love, boys, how to rule facebook, maximize your narciss skill, how to exist online, including Tutorial for Guys to succesfully understand what a girl wants.

Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t get it and take the words the wrong way, this book wouldn’t be good enough to read. You wouldn’t laugh. You may get defense and starting to think that this book offers nothing but just a spoiled girl dreaming big.

But if you have a messy life, sometimes you just want to punch someone, when love and life is not working the way we wanted to, you will remember how fun it is to laugh. You will realize that the best way to get over your sadness, is to laugh over them. You will find how entertain every silly events happenings around you. And instead of getting your self more stressful days, you will remember, once again, to laugh. You will remember Chandler. And Phoebe from Friends (the TV serials). Itik Bali is the reincarnation of those 2 characters, in a form of a cute-teenager-Indonesian-girl: Itik Bali.

So, for your capability to make me laughs (which the last time I laughed was for “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”), Itik Bali, I took my hat off to you. And hope to be part of your craziness journey to grow up, out of these crazy mess in Indonesia.

Look what you've done to me, Itik Bali! -_-

Falling in love deeply with your writings craziness, Itik Bali! ^_^

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