News Flash: Foreigners appreciated my work more. And it’s not about the money.

In 2011, I worked for 2 TV programs, for Denmark TV. I was just a Fixer/Stringer. Someone who assigned to assist their jobs in Indonesia. I’m just one person, contributing what I can contribute to them, for the good sake of their programs.

Several days before the premieres, casts and producers sent me an FB messages, let me know that the program will be screening on TV soon and once again told me how they feel blessed for each of their experiences in Indonesia. All the materials are in Danish language. But they shared them anyway.

Just now one of the cast told me, that he will genuinely help to get me a copy of the program, so the people involved in the team will able to watch the program.

I also worked in an Indonesian Film after that. I met a great team, finally get a chance to work with my long-time-idolized Indonesian Film Director, but I resigned 2 weeks before the job is finished, simply because my own team practice corruption. The movie just released the official trailer, just now, they tagged people-even those who didn’t involved in the production-, but not me. Or my PA who were resigned also. They didn’t share anything with me, no one.

It’s clear to me now. It’s not about the money, or the hard work requires, or any other excuses they may mention one or another way. Foreigners have more appreciation about my works, even though all I did was just making sure they have their lunch on time.

My guardian angel (foreigner, again) told me tonight, “..if they doing corruptions, they don’t mentioned you anymore, you should feel good, that you’re not a part of that corrupt team, and Thank God, you did the right thing resigned from the job. So you have no reason to feel sad, abandoned, or feel bad about. Be proud of other jobs you’ve done, don’t worry about the other one. It’s clearly not worthed.”

Good night, dreamers. May God bless us all the way ^_^

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One thought on “News Flash: Foreigners appreciated my work more. And it’s not about the money.

  1. *”not worth it”, not “not worthed”


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