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Happy Birthday, my Naughty Knight.

Doesn’t matter what happen with our parents, we stick together since always. Doesn’t matter what people would say about us, my weirdness and your sometimes-rather-ridiculous-decisions you took for your life, we managed to keep having faith in each of us. And when it’s silent, the world surrounding you with second guesses, baby, I got your back.

So thank you for being born after me. Well, sometimes I still wish you were born before me so I can be silly more often. He he. Thank you for showing me paths, roads, signs, seriously I will get lost without you, ha ha–you knew this happens a lot-. Thank you for being the best Transport Captain, ever, ever, EVER–gee, I miss you a lot in this production -_-‘. Thank you for being there when I needed you most. Thank you for letting me be whoever I am, understanding me mostly, loving me unconditionally.

Happy Birthday, my Naughty Knight.

I love you everyday, and twice on Sundays.

*trakteeer…. 😀

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I’m planting a Teak Tree

If it’s easy, and everyone can do it, I won’t even bother to do this. But it’s not easy and not everyone can do this. So here I am, swallowing my pride and hang on to my very deep personal reason in daily basis, as to why I’m still here.

The last time I resigned, I was wounded, in all over my body and heart. Took a month trip in Asia, months to ever meet with people and learn to trust again, with a hope that I can heal my wounds, by seeing once again, that this big-big world could only get better. It worked out well. I even believe to love again.

Now I know, in a way I have to face it, stay longer and choose to be the wiser ones. So I stayed for those who hang on to me, even though now they seemed to forget about me and not even remember that I existed.

But hey. If this is all about me, then it should be a poem, not a filmmaking, isn’t it?.. Even Poems is not that shallow, I believe.

So when emotions comes up and burning my head, I told my self again and again, deal with it. I made a choice and I have to deal with it. Whatever the consequences will be.

And when I lost all the reasons to stay, and it feels like hell so I’d like to just sinking in deeply, I only remember one thing: it’s a teak tree planting.



I’m planting a Teak Tree.

To be able to ever really enjoy and cherish the best results, I will have to wait for years and years. Be there in every seasons. And… wait patiently.

Give into the process.



So ask me where I’m heading, I will tell you that I have dreams and not giving up on it yet. But let’s just say that if this is the path I should took on, the road I have to walk on, terminals I must passes on, so be it.

I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere back down.

O my unborn child, how I wish you will embrace your life with passion. Because without it, nothing will ever matters anymore.

Good night, my baby. Mommy loves you. Everyday and twice on sunday.

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