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I’m a Film Freelancer worker, based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I like to read, to write, watch movies and dying to make my own feature film someday. I’m not afraid of contradictions we have in Life and World around, in fact I’m one of the generation, and I’m proud to be.

This blog is a personal site for me and my closest friends, and yet contains professional works I’ve done. Mind my nerve thoughts written in this site sometimes, but please enjoy the rest.

Thank You for Ray Marr who introduced me with this world again, reminds me just how loyal words are to me and encouraged me to start, with a strength I never knew before that I have it in me. I have great times here, in this little cozy corner, and I hope you will too.

Welcome to the Beautiful and the Mess in my Life ^_^


6 thoughts on “author

  1. Ranty, pa kabar? Gw Nana. Gw add lo d twitter tp blm d follow back, kita ngobrol2 d twitter yuk hehehehe


  2. saya baca i know to day of ranty sangat inspiratif bagaimana seseorang wanita yg merasa tangguh tapi masih harus menyendiri di tempat asing kalau lagi stress, komen saya utkIknow to day adalah mantap keep create what’s on your mind saya menunggu puisi inspirasi yg bawa saya semakin PD menghadapi kekacauan ini.

  3. Ade, thanks for comment. Everyone needs their own space and time, every now and then. It’s okay to take a break from any mess you have to face sometimes, as long as you know how to get back and finish what you’ve started 😉 Tetap semangat! ^_^

  4. Hi Ranty, I saw you really liked Uluwatu Lace; I’m glad because I built the company (well, not exactly like I wrote in the press release), but now I have a book Eleven Demons you might find interesting – please check at

    • Michael, yes, I love Uluwatu very much, therefore I thanked you for saving the company years ago 🙂 I’m sorry though for what you’ve been through with your family. I’m sending prayers from here. I will read your book once I get to Jakarta, it’s interesting. GBU, Sean and Brenden ^_^

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