home made fruit cocktail pie

well clearly, something went wrong in my mind when I wake up this morning and think about the left-over white egg in the refrigerator. Last night, I was looking for a spot to put my juice when I realized mom cooks with yellow part of eggs and left kilos of white egg inside the refrigerator. so I thought, this could be a nice snack to break my fasting today. so this is what happened next: I started looking for any left-overs without knowing what I want to make. crossing my fingers for a beginner’s luck!

from what I found, I thought to make this little pie mom always make, lets start from the pie (skin): 

put some margarine, sugar and egg into a bowl and whisk them until it looks like young yellow.

margarine sugar, white or natural is okay...

 to make it more crunchy, put some butter, my mom alway make it 1 : 3 for butter and margarine.

wijsman butter, yummy...

whisk them with a slow speed, you can use the spoon. then, put some flour into the whisked ingredients.


then let’s play with the dough. make it flat with rolling pin, and then cut it into small pieces.

now flat the dough down

prepare your alumunium pie shells and put the dough to fit into the shell. dont forgte to make little holes on the ground of the pie skin with forks, it will make the heat distributed easier.

the skin of the pie. get into the oven, baby…

now, while we wait for it to get done, let’s make the filling stuff! start with whisking white egg with sugar, until they will look whitey like this:

white egg whisked, like snow!

now put some hot liquid plain pudding into it (you may want to save some of it for next, it wil be the glue between filling stuff and the fresh cuts fruits) and also, some drops of vanilla extract.

plain pudding powder, cook the powder with water, plain.

pure vanilla extract, some drops…

 now, after the skin is ready, we can put the white egg whisked into the pie skin. and here’s the biggest treat of the recipee:


fresch cut del-monte fruit cocktails! yummy-yummy-yummy…

put some of the fresh cut on it, pour some plain pudding (liquid) on top of it to keep the filling stuff and fresh cuts fruits together, wait for a while, then voila!

home made cocktail pie, ready to serve!

my next secret trick is always put them into refrigerator for a while until it’s cold, and it will taste like Ice cream. well, almost

I was sad all day cos my cat is ill, but now that she’s taking a nap, I found my self happier that I have this cute wonderful treats in my hands. googly, googly, be gone! go away, sadness!

anyway, next time I’ll keep notes of the measurements of those ingredients cos in my mom’s kitchen you just take and whisked, take and eat. …in the meantime, enjoy!

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