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the storyteller

This is a story about a shadow who hates its master. About a painting of one side of human face who refused to collaborated with the other side of the face. A classic story about human who struggling to find her perfect fit, and her thousand ways to survive, when she realized that she have to live with (only) one side of face, and deal with the fact that she would never have a shadow, no matter where she stand.

A well known storyteller named Bella, died peacefully in her age 50. In her little house in a little village called Bellaville (named of her famous little school for children), the whole big family reunited. Felling lost between her big family, Lisa, 19, Bella’s grand daughter, pay a visit to Bella’s work room, where there’s a lot of books and writings.

Adam, the family lawyer gave the big family a surprise when he read Bella’s last will and testament. No one in the family get the asset of Bella’s works. Her husband was a farmer and had left some land for Bella before he died. The children’s school, the royalties of books she published, the lands, all assets are inherited to an heir age 19, named Liam. Nobody knows who he is and where he is.

It’s a month left before Liam has to show up and confirm himself as an heir to all of Bella’s works. One by one, each family member fights, to get Bella’s inheritance. Especially Gina, the wife from the second marriage of Bella’s eldest son, Michael-Lisa’s father; Judy, Michael’s younger sister, the depressed mother of three that just having a bad divorce; and Brian, Bella’s uncle form her father who raised hundreds of orphans and committed to do social life for all of his life, which made him strongly suggested the money should be inherited to these unlucky children.

The big challenge of course for Adam, the family lawyer, to deal with this complicated family and keep standing in a professional stand, even when Judy made a move into him. The rage between the family is getting higher and higher when they knew that Adam’s team has finally found Liam, live in Indonesia with his parents.

It’s two weeks before the date and scared of losing all the inheritance, each family member tried to find Liam, to prevent him to come to Bellaville, to make his history gone from the world, whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.

Meanwhile, young 19 y.o Lisa backpacking to the east Asia with only a book that guide her through the journey, Bella’s old book, that she stole from Bella’s room, which later will guide her to get the answer to questions about who is Liam and how can he inherited all of Bella’s works. Yet, to finally discover about her own identity.

Lisa’s notes: “The world has moving too fast. And I don’t know my mother well, but hate her so much for leaving my life this way. I wish there’s a clue about who I am, if I really one of these big family member. And if so, why should I feel lost? Am I belong somewhere?”

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 at 8:11pm

Synopsis – 1st draft – March 2nd 2009

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