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News Flash: Foreigners appreciated my work more. And it’s not about the money.

In 2011, I worked for 2 TV programs, for Denmark TV. I was just a Fixer/Stringer. Someone who assigned to assist their jobs in Indonesia. I’m just one person, contributing what I can contribute to them, for the good sake of their programs.

Several days before the premieres, casts and producers sent me an FB messages, let me know that the program will be screening on TV soon and once again told me how they feel blessed for each of their experiences in Indonesia. All the materials are in Danish language. But they shared them anyway.

Just now one of the cast told me, that he will genuinely help to get me a copy of the program, so the people involved in the team will able to watch the program.

I also worked in an Indonesian Film after that. I met a great team, finally get a chance to work with my long-time-idolized Indonesian Film Director, but I resigned 2 weeks before the job is finished, simply because my own team practice corruption. The movie just released the official trailer, just now, they tagged people-even those who didn’t involved in the production-, but not me. Or my PA who were resigned also. They didn’t share anything with me, no one.

It’s clear to me now. It’s not about the money, or the hard work requires, or any other excuses they may mention one or another way. Foreigners have more appreciation about my works, even though all I did was just making sure they have their lunch on time.

My guardian angel (foreigner, again) told me tonight, “..if they doing corruptions, they don’t mentioned you anymore, you should feel good, that you’re not a part of that corrupt team, and Thank God, you did the right thing resigned from the job. So you have no reason to feel sad, abandoned, or feel bad about. Be proud of other jobs you’ve done, don’t worry about the other one. It’s clearly not worthed.”

Good night, dreamers. May God bless us all the way ^_^

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Indonesian National Film Day 2012

For those directors too selfish to touch spectators,

writers do plagiats,

producers enabling no-budget film – buy creativity in no value,

filmmakers do corruptions and act like angels,

production houses blinded by politics and never care for art,

actors too narciss to care for dedications,

unbelievably super ego-maniac festival organizers,

seniors with their bullying methods,

juniors with their persistences on keeping it continue,

government people who does absolutely nothing – except for money,

theatres too stupid to even understand their own products,

for these people, I say, congratulations. It’s a National Film Day 2012.

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The Messy Industry, film budgeting

Indonesian filmmakers now no need to worry for jobs this year. They are everywhere. A director committed to make 10 films this year. First time filmmakers, each, has at least 3 upcoming films, to be shoot, all, this year. Documentaris, to be told by a contact from the government, reached more than 15 productions, all around Indonesia. My classmates are everywhere now, agencies, producer, director, writer, they reached their long-passioned positions.

Back on my table, I made 18 initial budgets already, now ongoing for another 4 more. I’m working on this only since february 2012. Those are for commercials, music video clips, film, short films, animation. Don’t ask how many proposals, I stopped meeting people to talk but working it out all online, funny, faster that way.

Wow, many upcoming projects, you may think. From that 18, at least 2 or 3 will be back and finally get executed.

From my table, only 2 of them back to me. I gave one of them to my friend, because the scheduling is not fit with mine, and another one is still on the ‘H’ letter. Hope.

I stopped making commitments as nothing is really worthed anymore. And just catch on the date, which project it will be, for me to working on.

But that’s not the pessimist part. I know some movies succeeded commercially, reach almost a million audience last year, and some makes triple profit out of the revenue. This year, all the investor are trying to get the same luck, the same profit, even more.

One of them, has 2 weeks shooting days, less than a month pre-production, with a budget less than USD 60.000! One of my friend, on another project, came home at 3 am and has the next call on 5 am, that’s everyday for almost 3 weeks, and they still have more shots to shoot next month. One of my classmates has to work as PM, also Loc. Manager, can only have one more assistant–because they dont have budget to hire more. And in the name of ‘we have another upcoming projects, we’ll call you again after this’, he took the job.

2 or 3 of my close friends, chose to stay sane, and prefer to sit and wait, until things makes sense again. They work on another kind of projects, events, crafts, cooks, etc. Anything but this industry, for now.

My Guru once said, if you dont have the money, don’t even think of making a movie. I told my line producer once, never start any production without knowing the money is there.

I mean, if you can make a movie with a budget of USD 60.000, working in less than 2 months, am I going to have a crap-movie-list now?

When it comes to budgeting, means you have the story locked and the general directing concepts ready, why compromise?

But hell, yeah. I may have born in the wrong country, the wrong century. If filmmaking deals now seems like a deal you can get between friends, then I’m definitely not a member of that universe. I’m not enabling low production budget for the rich become more rich only. Nor I enabling for any small corruption forms in filmmaking, even if its my own boss, I’ll be out of their way in a second. Been there, done that.

Maybe that’s why they’re not hiring me again. He he.

Well, 4 more to go.

Have a nice days, everyone! ^_^

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You’re soon to be a Married Man

A man sits in the park, watching the raindrops, softly touched his hands.

A woman sits closed to him, playing with her hands, covers her own true from the light.

They talked, they share stories. There were only the two of them.


Words said between laugh, between confessions, mentioned when they’re forget about others.

Never knowing how, but it’s been there the whole time.


Both now got silent.


Each learned the beauty comes within the confessions, yet now facing the truth: things changed.

Nothing the man can do, nothing the woman can fight for.

Each now realized,

Nothing will ever be the same anymore, ever.


We can hear the sound of each heart sobbing behind the dark night.

The sound of a silent surrender.

Hopes to be stay strong through this all.


And after a while, the man asked, “Who am I to you now?”


The woman looked at him, and answer “You’re soon to be a married man”

“You’re soon a shadow, playing with my hair, but no longer I can see the face”

“You’re soon understand what I’m feeling right now, and regret what you decided today”

“You’re soon getting married.”


Goodbye, she whispered.

And stand up again, walk out of the park.

Hoping someday, not necessarily soon,

but someday, she will meet a man,

who will give her no reason to leave.



*My best wishes to my best friend’s wedding.

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do the (RED) thing, save lives…

(RED) Manifesto

Abigail Breslin for (RED) Campaign


Anne Hathaway for (RED) Campaign


John Legend for (RED) Campaign

Natalie Maines for (RED) Campaign

Terrence Howard for (RED) Campaign

Wyclef Jean

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