these are the destinations, mostly unlikely ones.

We accept the change, and embrace everyone to respect history.

After 45 years, Jakarta Institute of Arts is now on it’s way to a massive changes. It’s been explained that the building has suffered many-many wounds during those long and dinamic years. Everytime, they are all fixed them and moved on.

Several months ago, by the hands of Government, Jokowi-Ahok, we got fund to not only make it better, but also make it bigger, that gives chances for more unique and different individuals to join us in this big family.

The students nowadays has to spend their 2 (or maybe 3?) years there learning in a very compromise classes, they maybe graduated already when the new building is built. Some of them will have to learn in another place away from the Jakarta Institute of Arts area. Lecturers and staff must set their desks movable and ready to re-located for a while, during the process.

I saw this, and it moves me. Those corners, secret paths I’ve been walked on to avoid cruel seniors on my way to classes, walls holding my friends’s tears over turbulences happening between assignments, examinations, and jobs inbetween to be able to pay the classes, seats under the tree where we easily spent laughing together and fell asleep between one class with another, secret desks where I often hide my self under it and listen to my walkman and write or reading down there, pretty soon, they will change. They already gone, physically.

Yesterday, more than 400 people (students and alumni) gathered together. They stand on the sites, and spots that was still standing there for a while now. The mission was simple: to capture the last moment of our ‘home’, in whatever condition they are now.

As today people started loading up, the pictures comes up online, my tears comes down. So this is how it feels to let go.

I’m a firm believer that change is good. And seeing my friends yesterday, meeting them again after years, in an -accidentally-but-happens happily- big family reunion, was certainly a livingproof of it. Each of them, was a livingproof of it.

No one was the same person as I knew them before. They are all changed. The exhausted feelings from many activities days before was cured easily when I see them again. Hugging my friends tightly on the path where we used to do the same thing-with our backpack and sweat-sun-smell over our body, it bursted my solitude bubble easily, instantly. Both my arms was simply just spreading open wide to hug them. To once again embracing togetherness, as those old slides just came screening in my heads, took me travelling somewhere else fast, moments with laugh and tears, somewhere between this crazy-busy-town-tik-tok hours, where all we ever expected was a change, for a better everything.

Look at us. And how time flies. The changes in us, look at us.

This is good. We accept changes within ourselves, and now set our foot back to see our handprints in our ‘home’, our soon-to-be-changed-also-‘home’.

I’m proud of this family. We fight sometimes, screaming at each other endlessly, or silently, -just like any other family in this world-, but then we make up and we come home. All that was necessary, was necessary. And all that’s left was an enormous respect for those roof above us, our home.

Those big-strong-arms protecting us for 45 years, now ready to have a make-over.

Cry if you have to, or venting (over anything you can set for the reasons) if you want to. But let’s make it real, accept the change and let go. So that we soon will be strong enough to respect history, our history.

And here it is, the history, our history, my one big family, Jakarta Institute of Arts.

















ray fandy pakpahan



Pictures are personal collections of members of the big family. Thanks a whole bunch for such treats! ^_^

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How to be a Flood Survivor in Jakarta

I’m taking off my hat to my friends who amazingly successfully help Jakarta residences during the disaster today. They help providing food, clothes, first aid kit, and many things people needs in time. I personally thankful for you guys, and humbly saying thank you for what you’re doing.

In this little note, I would like to share you my first experience during Jakarta flood. For job reason, I had to stay over at my aunty’s home at the center part of Jakarta, where all you can see is high and higher buildings, houses shared a wall to one another, where the best transport you can get for getting somewhere without getting your self crazy for traffic jam, is motorcycle.

I went to sleep last night at 3 am, after finishing my work, and woken up this morning by simple words “oiiii, the flood is here…”.

I walked out the room and find this instantly in front of our house.


In front of our house, which is actually higher ground than the street.

It was raining in medium scale, but it happens since last night. We, the five of us, can only saw the water gets into the house and started to create strategies of how can we face this with. We certainly can’t go anywhere, many roads and streets are blocked already, even one of my cousin stuck on the street inside her car with my nephew. So we tried to save some stuff from -just in case-, the water got in the house, gets higher.

After a while, we take a break and sits around, while gathering some tools we will need to get the water out of the house, we will do this when the rain stops. And that’s when I see this..


The clothes plastic basket is just floating and row it’s own way somewhere.

We were all moving fast to all of the house directions, so when we stopped for a while and this blue thing calmy pass in front of us, we simply couldn’t stop laughing. It’s so humble that flood or not flood it seemed to find a way to enjoy and ride with whatever happens, ha ha.

As soon as we were ready, we started to collect the water trapped in the house and throw it out outside. Good thing now that the rain has stopped, so we have a positive thinking of getting this done.

My little cousin and I gather gayungs, we use this for taking a shower daily, and now it has a brand new duty. Please take a look of this.


It’s important to have it in your favorite color. It helps a lot when your spirit go down during the effort.

One hour and its getting better, we got most of the water out. You may need something simple to hold the water in a bigger place before you get it out of the house, like this one.


A plastic basket, better be in a wide form and not too high. And makes sure that the handle is strong.

We keep doing this until the a water in about a half cm high. And we changed tools into this.


Pengki, a helpful tool for flood.

We called it “Pengki” here, don’t know what’s the English for this. I am too focusing to write this blog so you guys will have a hint on what to do if this happens to you someday. Knocks on wood 😛

Use that Pengki and plastic basket, and it will gets you the next level, which is little poodles everywhere, including some though spots to reached on. Then, you will need this to finish your mission.


I don’t even know what you called it. I’m too excited to finish this blog! 😛

And off course, the best partner in crime, here it is..


It is a simple tool, you can àlmost get in anywhere in Jakarta. Just makes sure that it is strong one because the work is going to be hard ones, heavy use.

It’s funny that I just realized that my aunty has like 5 of them in the house and now I’m starting to feel like a newbie about this. Work this out with that plastic basket, and you’re just a step away from the finish line.

Another break and my little cousin found this.


I guess this is the end of your journey, dude?…

My other cousin that got stuck on the street in the car with her son now back home. It means the streets are clear, for some, and it’s getting better.And I started to imagine a body spa somewhere in nirvana.

But God has another plan.


Courtesy of Jakarta Globe.

Well, well. There’s a saying in Indonesian song, “…bukan lautan, hanya kolam susu..”, more or less means “’s not a sea, but simply just a pool of milk..” – the song symbolize it for a rich and blessed country.

I’m not sure if that is applicable in this case, although the visual now-as you can all see-is convincing.

But Jakarta Governor, Joko Widodo, has announced that he put the capital under “emergency” status because of the massive flooding that paralyzed the city today. And he announced this until January 27th.

Tomorrow we will have big rain in the morning, and medium ones for the rest of the day. That’s what the weather girl said on TV. We successfully pass this one today, hopefully tomorrow we will have more energy to face this and if I can ask, a mental statement like the blue plastic basket.

Never loose any sense of humor, guys. Even though you may realize now, that your birth visionary is actually to witness this, ha ha.

Good luck all Jakarta people! ^_^

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Tåber På Eventyr – Fools in Wonderland

Forgot all about the Tour de Fis. Here we’re talking mandetur of a whole new dimension!

The intrepid boy rob the Michael Mühlebach Christiansen and Karsten Green, indeed agreed to travel to all sorts of tribal society, and try out the local manhood try on your own body.

We are very far from the Copenhagen metropolitan jungle, and we can guarantee that the two friends come to see their manhood in the eyes!

*Episode 1: Bitten by poisonous ants 300

You become a real man to be bitten by 300 jungle ants that are woven into a pair of gloves to break on the Mongolian plains or by allowing dilleren be pushed into the scrotum?…

Premiere on TV2 Zulu, April 9th 2012, 2130 — don’t miss it! 😉

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why Step Up 3D is the best of it’s trilogy.

No. It’s not because of the 3D. It’s a craft works they did in the movie, but it’s not the reason why it’s the best of all.

As the third installment in the Step Up Trilogy , and the first shot in 3D, the film follows Moose and Camille Gage as they head to New York University, the former of whom is majoring in electrical engineering after promising his mother that he would not dance anymore. However, he soon stumbles upon a dance battle, meeting Luke and his House of Pirates dance crew and later teaming up with them to compete in the World Jam dance contest against their rivals, the House of Samurai dance crew.

For me, the story is one of those walls lined up for cliches. But the cast is appealing, the shooting location in New York City showed different angles, quite tempting to try one of those numbers for real, and oh the musical numbers offered a lot of dynamical emotion and passions. Theatre filled with people living inside the movie. They laugh when its time to laugh, moves their feet when it’s time to move their feet. For a while I forgot that we all wearing a weird 3D glasses (Umm, for some reasons 3D glasses always have a weird form -_-‘)

Numero uno of whys, for me, the story is no longer about 2 kinds of dance that long to be combined. This time, Dance (apparently is the whole combination of every dance there is) questioned as one of a life choice. Back when I was 5, dancing is an extracuriculer, additional activity my mother asked me to join, to form my body, to keep my healthy good. Plus, maybe she peeked on me when I (supposed to be) dance alone in my room (yeah, most-likely, that is why).

Moose, who promised to never gonna dance again, following a limited edition Nike on his first day at college and ‘trapped’ into his own world, which apparently is his only world: Born from the Boom Box. Days goes by and Moose forced to choose between his school or dance. As for me, why doesn’t he does both? Yep, in the end of the movie he said he wants to take major on Engineering and Dance. I know this guy is one tiny-curly hair-cool guy! 😀

I mean, look at this:

Moose, major in Engineering and Dance.

Isn’t he cool? Wait until you see him dance, and you will agree with me, no doubt.

Secondly, Natalie, the girl who has a classic young-woman-own-her-life-but-not-just-yet character performed as a very good dancer in every musical numbers. From all of those scenes with her in frame, I will never forget this one. With the background is hundreds of Boom boxes (I’m one of those boom box generation too, when you take off your hat for the bass-boom function and party is always on everytime you turn it on), she dance alone, just to warm up.

Natalie, the full-skilled-dancer of the movie

It’s funny because she might be the best dancer-girl in the whole trilogy of  Step Up. She got the rhytm right and moves at the right time, for the right directions (thank you for a wonderful Director of Photography who showed me this clearly). Never once she lost beat in those numbers. The last number with Luke that she did on the final competition, is amazing. And I thought they never dance together. Thank God, they did.

The biggest treat for the eyes (errr at least, my eyes :P) is always Luke, the main character who has the body of a dancer, the moves of a passionate human and lead his life with so many ways of logical thinking. And yes, he is manly, especially when he dance (how often can you see man dancing and still manly? Only when they’re real dancer, I guess). He apparently has my life, passions for movie and dance, all in the same time. And he’s good looking too. Damn.

oh, come on. lie to me, tell me that this Luke isn't the biggest treat 😉

Last but not least, is the marvelous sets they serves. I mean, most of us know New York, but dancing on the street like Moose did, moving your body proudly in the park of your college, tap your feet down even when there’s water, all you can see only in Step Up 3D.

best friends stick 'til the end (Lion King 1 1/2)

Moose and his water number. Perfecto! 😉

All of dance numbers are expertly choreographed. Layers in the choreography serve the 3D technology nicely, and we still have a good portion of depth.

Still photo from the set of Step Up 3D

the water number. wait until they moves 😉

cool neon number! 😀

This is not a movie about learning the techniques of dance, not about two people falling in love out of life-happens-moments and share their differences on dancing qualifications, try hard to become one. No, this is a movie about what you can do after you realizing your real passion in life. A movie about talent you have and hard work you still need to accomplish to complete your journey.

Knowing that to choose one path in your life, doesn’t mean you have to leave another.

You will grow a bigger heart, along with the beat and not one single romantic scene goes for nothing, there is connections and character development in each interactions happened. The movie succesfully delivered unforgettable choreography and treated viewers with good visualisation.

Step Up 3D

No. Thank you for not showing any faces here (in the film poster). Like Moose said, ‘One move can change your life’ ^_^

That’s why Step Up 3D is the best of it’s trilogy.

Now, let’s dance our own way, beautiful people! 😉

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how I spent my sunday morning lately

It was early September, when I stared at my pile of clothes and wondered how can there be sooo many clothes like this? Also, why I have so many stationeries? So many crafts? And other stuff I remember I bought them out of happiness to see them around. Now that my room doesn’t get bigger, what should I do with them? Buy more cabinets? Hufff… I had too many stuff. Too many.

My brother took me to this sunday market, and showed me the bourgeoise way of workers at the sub-urban could spend, near my home. Sunday morning-since 5 am, all you can ever look for, is there. So get ready for your morning jogs and don’t worry. On your way home, you won’t get thirsty or hungry or unpleased anymore. Because this street, has everything to offer!

kue pancong, my fave snack since I was 5. yummy!...

piracy dvds, mp3 and cds. all and all...

any kind of remote control, here sir...

decorated snails, for pets or collects.

hand painting from local artists..

like they said, artificial flowers is the future!

ballons! 😀

pink bicycles for cuties 😉

blinds, colorful!

I was surprise by the animo to buy stuff, even on your way home from morning jogs. And so I need some more money to go to Bali and doing volunteer work there-as I promised my self-, I begin to think of an idea. If I’m lucky, I get to throw my unused stuff to people who want them. So I packed my 6 big bags of old clothes, borrow my mom’s brown sheet, and ready to whatever I can do on that sunday market.

It was after Eid Fitri, where most of people hasn’t come back to Jakarta yet. So it was not a lot of people, but some are came and go, shopping their way out. Lucky, for each USD 1 per-piece, I sold USD 50 that day, on my first day-when I don’t even have my own spot! 😀

SP, my friend-since elementary school, and my mom, shocked to know about this. They never thought we can raise that much money on that simple sunday market. All I had was secondhand clothes and bags, no tables or display, all down to the floor, err, I mean, the street. People actually come down and sit on my mom’s brown sheets when they want to buy. Amazing.

Back from Ubud, I took this seriously. Mom backed me up with some support stuff like a spot (so I won’t hunting spot everytime I come there), tent (so it won’t be too hot anymore), a catering table (so I can put some display), clothes hanger (and some more clothes more than USD 1, cos they’re still brand new).

And this is how it look like:

my sunday market tent! 😀

I first started with only that clothes, bags and the sheet down under clothes piles. So after 10 am, when the sun started to get vertikal? Imagine my headache at the time 😦

Then, after supports from my mom I didn’t get headache anymore 😛 Do you know what kind of stuff I sell there? Here we go…

secondhand clothes from personal uses of my self, SP, mom, and my other friends.

accesories, crafts, perfumes, stationeries

secondhand bags and brand new clothes, gowns, dresses

home made ice cream by mom, fruity and chocolaty. woohoo! 😀

And this is what happened after 9 am:

people, people, people. all down the road, people.

browsing, girls?...

the cutest little consumer, treated him self with crafty stuff 😉

...still browsing...

for women and men, all there is all...

people attacking my craft corner! he he 😛

We usually packed our stuff at 1030 am, and my stepfather will come to pick the stuff. I will get home and get rest. Later in the evening, me and SP will meet again for a personal little vacation, to Es Teler 77!


my ride with SP-the Ninja Lady! 😛

This is the 'Es Teler 77'! Ice little cubes, avocado, coconut, jackfruit, sweeten condensed milk. OMG, I'm in heaven 😀

At the middle of October, things started to get complicated. My stepfather’s car wasn’t always available, so I have to take a cab and it cost more than I expected.

So I moved my stuff to SP’s house, just 5 minutes away from the street, and had one man (I had his phone number) who will drive us to the street with his cab every sunday morning. The cost was way cheaper than have them delivered to the street from my home.

For a while, it was okay. People, my friends, started to put their stuff too, I got some commissions from the sales I made. Ha ha. This is like Me in Weird-Wonderland. Totally lost, don’t know anything about this stuff.

And then people just gone. I mean, I hardly made any sale at all at the sunday market. I turned down the price, to almost free (like 3 pcs for USD 1). I put more stuff, so there will be new options to consider to buy. I’m open to any kind of chaos, including when I had to have an argue with other vendor near me. It was bad, but I keep coming and did what I usually did. People started recognized, remembered and looking for my tent.

But that’s it. The last time, the only sale I made was spent for my own breakfast with my nephew (who helped me at the day).

Now it’s been a month since the last time I did it. My mom paid the spot until July 2011. I’m going here and there for job interviews, meet old friends to talk about movie projects, and I’m about to move out of my flat. So things been crowded lately and I don’t know when will I be back there on sunday morning.

I surely will miss meeting SP, we always have so many things to share, to argue, to (even) mock at each other.


me and SP, the only friend who has been around. will miss you and those crazy stuff we did, girl! *hugs

At least, that’s my early sunday morning at the market. With a nice friend who always there for me.

Yeah, it’s not bad at all 🙂

How you spent you sunday morning? 😉

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