Choices or (potential) Nightmares

World, here I come. Errr, Asia, here I come. Ummm, South East Asia. Nope. Hmm…

December last year, I got a mental lightning struck. It was a day when everything is just ended. My job, my relationship, with friends, with my ‘almost’ fiancee. And lightning still comes down, up to now. So, tired of crying and feeling blue, I started to open some random links online, flowing like a river, Paulo Coelho might said.

24 hours later, I got my self a south east-asia-trip tickets. It’s all promo tickets! So, beside the fact I can’t go soon but following the date they offered, now I can finally start to travel. Meet people, discover new things, learn even more. Yay! ^_^

For a while I left the plan and focused on upcoming jobs. But now it’s getting closer to the day, less than a month. So I started to setup a corner in my house, get online and get down to business. By business I mean, scheduling and budgeting for the trip.

It’s been 3 days, and its getting exciting everyday. I started with a simple plan, now there are offers, choices, which I must be careful with to think about. Because the only thing I want to experience in this trip is to know more people, get relax. Not another job or assignment. Not even more kilo for my baggage.

So far, with scheduling and budgeting still going on, here’s some offers, choices I’ve been facing with:

  1. A waterproof suitcase. What? Am I a Barbie? Backpack is good for me.
  2. A DSLR camera, with lenses. And another 6 kgs to carry along. No, but thanks!
  3. A digital video camera with tripod. Guys, I’m not going to go to work and shoot some movie. Please.
  4. A mosquito net, form like a cable TV dish. I’m from Indonesia. Mosquitos are friends.
  5. A big, comfort, Terry Palmer towel. Mom, come on…
  6. A friend who wants to come along. I think it’s better to meet up at the hostel, hmm? 🙂
  7. Stay in a 4 or 5 stars hotel, in the name of luxury. What?…

I’m glad I can say No, to that offers and choices. If I say yes, they become nightmares. Ruining my exact point of travelling. Backpacking. Whatever.

I only allow my self to bring one writing book. I even edited lonely planet info and put them here. 😀

And see how my cat reacts to my travel plan…

no, Simba. I'm not gonna go with that. you got the wrong bag 😛

Well, the day has end now and I think my time and money won’t ever be enough.

But for now, dinner will be greeeeat! ^_^

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