Logistic Department

Well, the point of the trip is to let life happens, but that is not necessarily means get stressed by little things I know I can avoid from the beginning. That’s what I said to my friend, SY, who is stay over tonight and knowing I’m always big at planning, she just carry on browsing my books.

Let’s see, am I planning to go and not coming back? 😛

In f & b department, I can only save some space for some chocolates and tea – been stopped addicting coffee for years, good for me -. I constantly pack a little version of this package everyday, actually. Especially while working. Because I thought this would save some money, time, and more efficient, in a way, especially when I can’t stop for having a meal.

All the Indonesian Tea! ^_^

I have a very sensitive skin, to dust, mosquitos, all in all easy target. So this is the team I hope will able to protect…

wet tissue, hand gel, mosquito repellent, and masker.

Put some scotch tape, in case the plastic opener ruin while using.

Next is trick from my aunty, because I can’t use liquid soap, she suggested me to do this for travelling needs.

Divide the soap into 4 pcs, so I don't have to bring a wet soap to the next destination.. 😉

And more stuff I can’t left at home, or risking to buy anywhere. Here they are…

I don't want to use too much plastic, but for now this is the most effective way for me.

Contact lenses, body lotion, sunscreen, after sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

For medicines, these are the warriors…

Now I’m trying to put them into plastic bags, just to cover and avoid spoiled water here and there. And here’s the stuff I wil need to bring in my backpack.

Logistic Department

Well, well, what can I do But that’s the stuff I need and can’t risk to depend on the places I’ve never been to. Thank you for a loyal friend who accompany me packing this stuff…

What a dream he must have ^_^

It’s 5 pm now, time for an early dinner. I hope I wont pack my refrigerator and kitchen along with these stuff 😀

Have a nice early dinner, junkies! 😉


2 thoughts on “Logistic Department

  1. hahaha… i like “the cat” part and the Dilmah :P. Have a nice trip

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