Thailand (Phuket and Bangkok) travel plan is ready

I have no special mission to visit this country, but to meet my best friend, June, and Michael, in Bangkok. But since the airline ticket directly go to Phuket, well, why not? I’ve always want to visit the beach anyway.

Earlier I planned to go to Chiang Mai also, visit Pai, but as I think of it, I don’t want to be in a rush in one place. But to take times to stay longer and you know, exploring.

So, if you’ve been to Bali, Phuket Town is like Denpasar. It’s the city part of the island, where people stay at night, out in the morning and back again at the end of the day to get rest.

I found an Inn that is only 5 minutes walk from Phuket Bus Terminal, which will give more more choices of where will I go in Phuket. By bus, taxi, or tuktuk. Or even bicycling if it’s not too far. The inn name is Inn Town Guest House, here’s the link

Beside beaches, I dont really find anything interesting in Phuket. So I decided to experience travelling by bus and train (must be interesting to compare train in Thai and train in Jakarta, ha ha). When I started browsing for informations, there are a lot of links and people helping me online. Such as:

  1. – for travel informatoon about Thailand,
  2. – for communicating with backpackers from Indonesia,
  3. – for communicating with backpackers in the world

As for links and channels helping a looot with what I’m going to do, are these:

  1. – for 36 hours activities plan
  2. – for food galore!

And important links, also, especially for transport needs:

  1. – for Phuket airport information
  2. – Bangkok airlines, with rather cheaper rates
  3. – buses from Phuket
  4. – for train travel information in Thailand
  5. –  to book the railway tickets online

Blogs I’ve been following, since their trip are just a couple of weeks from me, is the blog of the Wrights! Please visit them at They have a mission to travel around the world this year, and they sold their house for it! I’m so inspired with their journey. I hope you will enjoy the website like I always have been ^_^

I guess that’s it for now. Been hours sitting on the desk, getting online. Need to go out again tomorrow. Hope things will run smoothly, and I will be soon ready for the next destinations: Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore!

Have a good rest, all the people in the world ^_^

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