I Left My Heart in Phuket Old Town

So, since this is my first time solo travelling using big backpack, my body started to complain, and I was just arrived! Anyway, I took a pain medicine, hpijng all the muscle troubles will be gone, gone, gone!

They are. But now I can’t slep, because I kept hearing buses coming in, stop and coming out in front of the hotel. Not a very loud sound, but yeah, I heard it very well to my ears. My Ipod gone no battery, and I couldn’t use it. So I’m trying to sleep. But I can’t.

The Plan for tomorrow

After checking all the money I have in hand, I realized that I need more baht, and my USD is not so many. And I know I can’t sell Indonesian Rupiah here. Well I guess I have to find out later on.

To avoid bad lucks happens, you can spread the money in many places, never put/save them into one spot all at the time. This is the oldest trick ever worked on me πŸ˜‰

I actually would love to go to Kamala Beach, which is known as a very modest beach, where moslem people there working by fishing, sailing, and if I can catch sunrise, I can see them working early in the morning. Then I hope, I can go to Phuket Fantasea for watching the show and join with another thousands of people from around the world for dinner. Then head back to hotel at 11 pm, by tuk-tuk, the hotel staff said there will be a lot of people heading back to Phuket, so he thought nothing to worry about. Cool!… Now it’s 4 am and I can sleep.


Pain: The morning wake up call

I woke up at 5 am with an enormous pain on my back, and my body had a little fever, maybe reaction to the pain. I woke up and eat my bread and get hot water downstairs, pour a cup of tea, drink the pain medicine, and after sneezing for 9 times (I think I’ve waken up ‘neighbours’ he he), I fell down on bed.

I can only stare at my plan sketch. It will be too late to witness the moslem fisherman go to work in Kamala, but maybe I can get better and heading to Kamala at lunch time? Great. Now let’s rest the sneezes over.


Rain: The Afternoon delight friend

I’m up and about at 10 am, and decided to explore Phuket Town and maybe Old Town and around, because I need to buy bus ticket at the bus terminal. I made a stop at the Phuket Post Office building, and sent a postcard to my friend, Jarmo Ahola. There is a building before the Post office building, I saw it last night when I just arrived at Phuket in the dark, and I promised my self to visit it soon.

But first, I went to the Post office.

Stand just right after the old building, filled with helpful people with generous smile while handing out services! ^_^

And here is the old post office building, it’s like it holds a story and old is not just old, but I can almost feel the strength when I get in. There was not too many things to explore inside, but I simply just love the building. It reminds me of something I couldn’t place right now.

The Post and Telegraph Office, now is the Phuket Filateli Museum

Just when I’m about to step out of the building, rain comes down, hard. I looked at my digital camera, never realized that there’s so big deep gray clouds over there. Well, I started to stare all the way, waiting in the rain.


Dancing in the rain

When it’s getting better, I walk on the street with my jacket on, and oh dear, my reebok is now wet, wet, wet. Well, what can you do. Just 50 steps later, tha rain fell down again, I ran to get a plac to stay protected before the hard water pouring in. I get it that I can’t wake up early and go to Kamala, I’m letting it go. And now I can’t go to Old Town? Not even to the bus terminal to buy ticket? Hmm, do You really want me to stay at the inn the whole day?

Then, it’s getting better, not really hard. I didn’t care anymore, it was 12 am and I simply had to move on.

I get to the bus terminal, asking people with hand gestures, little main words and sometimes pointing here and there, and I finally got my ticket. Yeay!

Now, Old Town! ^_^

I went into 7 eleven to buy some bread and water to go. Couldn’t risk of sitting down, have a meal, and got stuck again in the hard rain. I got my stuff and now ready to go.

I almost doing the skipping steps -with my wet reebok- when I see it, again, the hard rain fell down. A man stands there, enjoying his walls ice cream and just smile. Hhhh…

A coin pay phone, you can find them everywhere. Not a lot of people using cell phone. They make calls from the booth instead. Cute.

Do you think, it's right? Or it's just messy?


Go, go, go!

It’s now or never! And I physically run on the street. The parking woman just laughing over me, screaming something I don’t understand in Thai, and I just waved back at her.

So I walk my feet, here and there, I know which road is the Old Town, but I’m just too excited and walk the whola walk through streets, I don’t even know where I am anymore.

Just like any other people would say, just follow the sign, dear ^_^

The Inn Town Guest House from across the street.

the color is pastel, mom! said a girl to her mom on the street.

Thank God, there's a sideways for people to walk! πŸ™‚

this old store reminded me of the similar looks from stores in Old Town semarang, kota-jakarta and some corners on the north side of Bali.

Loving the windows upstairs very much!

Food, food, food. You can never go hungry around here πŸ™‚

I read about the store online, and I found it! So very tempting, he he...

60 baht, each! πŸ™‚

80 baht, each. Crazy tempations, have to go out before it's too late, Ranty.

all the countries of the world, sir. fiction, bio, animal, craft, comics, children, encyclopedia, sailing, cooking, hard cover, special editions. all over the world, all over the world!!! ^_^

The famous historical hotel, on-on hotel πŸ˜‰


the color, the textures, hmm... you can find some jobs here, also. they open vacancies. interestested? πŸ™‚

Meal time! ^_^

After days not talking to someone talking english fluently, I finally meet the person who -if I can- I’d love to take along with me. She’s a woman in her 40s, a cook in the kitchen in a restaurant inside phuket traditional market. I asked her for fried noodles, and no pork, please. She said, vegetarian, huh? No pork, I will give you more eggs. Please sit down and relax…

The fried noodle is a little bit different than the ones I had in Jakarta, or in Japan. This ones using nuts for spices and the noodles is not made from flour, I think it’s made by rice?And oh, it tasted really good! Hmm…

Fried noodles and Ice Tea only 60 baht πŸ™‚

the windows on the second floor in a house right across the restaurant. fancy..

the traditional market, just right across the other big and tall stores, modern ones.

pastel is the new trend for wall colors, he he

Snack booth, yummy...

just when you thought it couldn't get any bigger...

meatball soup stand. after the rain, meatball time! πŸ™‚

fruit stand, and the price is not too much different with jakarta

100 kinds of drinks!

they are all started with this motorcycle. and then built into a lot of functional vehicles

tired of walking? try to stop for a while for coffee, for a very affordable price, their coffee has never disappointed me! πŸ™‚

The backpacker hostel, next to 7 eleven, he he

like coins pay phone, mailbox is everywhere. I'd like to minimize it and take it inside my pocket πŸ˜›

I don't know what building it is, but the gate were open, so I get my self in and take pictures πŸ˜€

this one is right across the building before, beautiful, isn't it?

it's right what they said about asia. you can find almost anything in every corner! ^_^

red, red, red

which one is actually posing? he he

I just thought that it's a cute house πŸ™‚

they selling plants in front of their houses, and they can deliver to your country, but just makes sure with the seller that it can grow in such weather of your country.

one thing for sure, is not really different than Japan, poeple does fancy small things. and hello kitty is here! ^_^

local cigarettes

my last stop is the steak house, it's considered as a fine meal, means good ones and more expensive. steak with ice chocolate was total 345 baht.

lotus steak house

It’s 10 pm already, stores closed from 6 pm, mostly close at 8 pm. This reminds me of Ubud. So I headed back home, alone, and feel safe. What a beautiful city. I wish I don’t have to go yet.

You have my heart, Phuket Old Town ^_^


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