Weight scale and flashlight

Weight scale and flashlight

Wether you have money or not, weight scale will surely do come in handy. If you’re using Air Asia, you will pay for each kg you put to baggage. Even though it’s not an expensive charge, but it’s good to know our own stuff better. In my case, if my backpack is more than 15 kgs, then I have to put down some stuff and left them behind. Carrying too many stuff is not makes sense anyway. And by logic, things like soap, shampoo, sunscreen, will gone by the end of the trip.

Flashlight is a must. Especially if you’re travelling solo, and backpacking. But if you go to fancy hotels, it will be good to carry one. I mean, we never know. Last night the staff is out of the inn for a while and I couldn’t find any button to turn on the bathroom lamp, and I needed to pee so bad. I was saved by the flashlight, otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do.

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