The Right Project

For me.

The right project for me to work on.

For years I’ve been wondering if the chance appear, how would it look like and will I be ready at the time? Skill, time and mental wise. I mean, how would it appears?

I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m always ready. That’s what I’m telling my self years ago. But am I? Who would know?

One day, I set my self a target, that I will have to produce (means to be the Producer) a feature film (not documentary) before I’m 37, based on my very personal calculation on what I’m doing and how the domino effect caused my messy steps and get it back to the track, just to get more messy again with crazy projects. But as a friend said, I just have to get it over and done, doesn’t matter why, or don’t need to understand any of it yet, it’s okay. Just get it over first and I will have the chance to know everything I want to know later on. That’s why I set another target in 2012, I have to produce a feature film before I die 😀

Many friends, colleagues, ex-bosses, offered me the chances several times. But I think I had to be aware, that chances can only means two thing: (real) chances, or (potential) nightmare. Believe me, most of the times, it is a potential nightmares. 50% of them, never really had a chance to get real, because of silly-but-complicated stuff, also technical reasons. On my next writings here, I will share some of those cases mildly, for the goodsake of being a learner everyday in every chance we get.

But get this note anyway, that chances are actually everywhere and in every second you breathe. I mean it. All you have to do is look and listen. Be ready when it comes.

Am I ready? I (kinda) have to. Right?..

So many things I thought how it was, but here’s the things of why a project is right for you to work on:

  • It’s a Producer title, it’s worth more than 2 years working commitment, so makes sure that you have the time.
  • It’s a Story, before everyone else, it has to makes sense for you first. The Story, as important as it is, it has to makes sense first, before it’s succesfully makes others believe later on.
  • It’s a Marriage, choose the right people. I’m sure you know what this means 😉
  • It’s a Feature Film, it will get hundreds of people aboard in the project, so be sure you have at least 80% of the skill qualification.
  • Wether it’s a National or International feature, makes sure you have enough links to make it happens. NOT friends, but those professionals who knows what they’re doing and would believe in what you believe in.
  • You thought it’s about money, but it’s not always about money. You just have to trust me on this point.
  • Think big and wide, start to act little and simple. Okay, this one is something of thousand things I found in Facebook. But don’t you think it’s applicable here?.. 🙂

So that’s it. I’m 33, answering a chance (I’m 98% sure it’s not a potential nightmare, he he), (on my way) to get the best people in the team, (hopefully) knows what I’m doing, carpe diem! ^_^

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