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the one with the bike

ssh.., I know you’re sleeping.

I won’t wake you up, but just be here beside you, make sure you have a good sleep. a nice dreams. well, nice dreams may be too much for you, since you might not remember too much of them… but at least, I’ll be here if you have a bad dreams.

because tomorrow, I want to share a story about a little girl who wants to have a bike. she’s 5 and wake up at 4 every morning to help her mother selling fruits in a traditional market, and then get change so she can go to school at exact 0630. she rides her brother’s bike and kiss her mom’s hand as a respect, and promise to be good.

every noon, she gets home and put her brother’s bike in front of her house and change to go to a nice place to exercise Balinese dancing. this place is like 2 km away from her house, and she walked to this place, everyday. when I asked her about the bike, she said that his brother need it to go to school, so she has to walk.

every week, she will give performances at this nice restaurant, near tourism area in Bali. she’ll have her other 2 friends, and do Balinese traditional dance for two hours long, among of dinner tables that filled with people who will fall in love with her in a second.

she will get some money and put it into her saving, and promised that she will get herself a bike, so she can travel around the world to learn more dances. she’s not the best student or the best dancer anyway, just an ordinary little girl who have a big dream. and she never ashamed to mention her dreams to people who ask.

she was crying the last time I met her cos we’re supposed to learn dance together, but I never had a time for that. so she cried cos she couldn’t mad at me, cos I was leaving.

she’s 28 now, going on 29, just like me and have her own bike to take her wherever she wants. she laughed when I told her my stories, my life, and mentioned that I should get my self a bike. she said it took him years before she can really afford a bike, but for sure never because of the money or time or chance.

the bike is always there, standing on the wall, waiting to be used, but she never had any courage to ride it, wherever she wanted to. there’s always something stopped her to ride the bike. and for that, she got jealous of me, been thinking that I always have courage to go wherever I wanted to, with just faith and some money in my pocket, and then go.

instead of busy listening to reasons for not doing stuff, at some level, I can be just do whatever it is, follow my instinct, trust my gut and que sera-sera. I laughed and realized that she is a good mirror for me. yet she’s now a backpacker, and really happy with what she had been choose for her life. and that, my child, what makes her a wonderful human being. that she grows, and keep growing.

so never worry about your future, God has it under control 😉 Your job is to always open to every possibilities, try your best at everything, but never loose your self. and that you’re sometimes feel like you want to give up, get your self a nice milk and lay your head down for a bit. trust me, everything will be okay.

and be careful of what you wants. sometimes they’re not exactly how they supposed to look like and you don’t always get the same stuff you wanted (and that’s normal). put priorities to what you need, then pay some attention to what you want. remember consequences, remember Karma. anything, but lost in your own list, your own mind.

meanwhile I’ll be here, in case you need someone to talk or share. been here beside you.

never get your self used to learn when everything is too late. make a stand for your self, that’s how you survive, that’s how you live your life fully to the life it self.

sorry baby, I didn’t mean to wake you up
kisses from mom and dad

Thursday, December 11, 2008 at 11:58pm

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