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Cika and Mika found Chocolates

Dear my unborn child,

There was a twin baby turtles, living in this messy world. They both curious about stuff and love to hang out to new places, meet new people, yes people. In short, for most turtles, they both seemed to be a different ones.

Today, they’re looking for a place to play around. Mom gave them some penny to buy candy, but they thought it would be nice to save it for know. They said saving is good for the future. Oh, well.

Cika, the pink-yellow ones, claimed that she is the eldest than Mika, the blue-green ones. only because she walks faster and think faster. Well, at least for a couple minutes, it doesn’t matter. She is the the oldest and have a right to tell Mika what to do. That’s the most important.

Cika and Mika, the twin baby turtles..

Now, as you see, they found nothing on their way to find a place to play around.

This is boring, Cika said.

Maybe we should try another way on the road home? Mika suggest gently.

So they went through a new path to home, and look around. Just a couple steps away, Cika runs into a place, and she screamed when she saw this…

Little Love, with Smuckers Blueberry jams inside, or Smuckers Orange jam, or Nutella.

Whoaaaa, they look very pretty and pink and, and.. like me! Cika’s happily excited to see this chocolates. Mika read the note next to the pretty things: Little Love, with Smuckers Blueberry jams inside, or Smuckers Orange jam, or Nutella.

And then there were some more, such as these…

Little Love, with Smuckers Blueberry jams inside, or Smuckers Orange jam, or Nutella.

This should be enough to feed the whole village for a month, Mika said.

And then we heard Cika’s screams again, Mika running fast to get near her.

Love Plain. Original taste.

These are so cute, I can bring them all for my girls at school! Yeah, these ones clearly less heavier than Little Love, Mika babbling.

They got curious and curious about these chocolates. It’s energy and we kids need that a lot! Cika shouting from a far, exploring another kinds of chocolate landscape.

Love Genji. Little genji with a cover of chocolate with original taste.

I want to taste it, can I? Cika asked to Mika. Yeah, why not? Mika answered. But makes sure we don’t get arrested later on, I don’t want to play catch with people, it’s definitely not an option.

Kiss Plain. Attached to a stick with original taste.

Kids, mouse and angels. Why not turtles? We kissed once in a while too, right?.. Cika look for Mika.

Mika is staring at another chocolates.

Love Rose. Inside: blueberry and or orange from Smuckers, and or Nutella. Little flowers: plain, original taste.

It’s like, swimming in a chocolate, Mikaaaa….

Pink strawberry flavor marshmallow with a cover of chocolate with original taste. Flowers, original taste.

Careful, Cika. You don’t want to step too close with it.

But, Mika… I want them so bad….

Yupi fruity gummy candy with a cover of chocolate with original taste.

Trees? Mika wonders.

It’s a gummy candy inside, silly. Ck, boys will be boys… Cika said.

Love Stick. Inside: blueberry and or orange from Smuckers, and or Nutella.

It says here, these ones are the bestsellers, Cika. What do you think? Cika? Cikaaa?..

Little Love. Inside: blueberry and or orange from Smuckers, and or Nutella.

Mika found Cika back to the point they started. Why you’re going back here?  Mika asked Cika.

Mika, will it be a trouble for you if you chip in too so I can buy and take some of these cuties back home?

…and Cika pose those eyecandy’s face to Mika.

Mika got silent for a moment, he imagine to carry them home just the two of them.

Little Love packages of 2 and 3 chocolates

Oh, they’re so kind to give us the packaging also, so it will be carry on easier on our way back home. Don’t worry Mika, you made my day!

Cika, our way back home is still far away, so I think we will eat them one by one anyway on our way home.

Okay, I will try to keep as many as them still for our  friends back home. I promise I will try my best. I’m just so excited! Cika is jumping up and down, feeling very happy that she can finally take some chocolates home.

Cika! Hold your self together, or no one will ever believe in turtles anymore. Come on, walk with me, behave your self. Act like you’re older and wiser than me. Like you used to to tell me before.

But I am, older and wiser! Mika!

Yeah, you are Cika. I believe you…

Hey, what is that? You don’t believe me? Let’s race to home, and I will prove you that you’re the youngest between us.

They walked their way far, from the place they never been before. It seemed like they just having fun with each other. Sometimes through everything, it will not matter what you’re doing, as long as you’re doing it with all of your heart, you will have fun and win it anyway.

So my baby, as they walk home now, I think it’s best for you to get some rest. Let’s pray for Cika and Mika, hope they will always find that new places, people and explore anything the world offers them. As I hope you will too.

Good night, Sweety.

Love you.

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