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the absolute truth

When you have the power, you’ll no longer able to see the line, as clearly as before. Everything has become grey.

You tried to close your eyes, hoping that someone will whisper in the silence, saying that you did the right thing. But all you can see is dark.

You tried to closed your ears, hoping that someone will hold you tight, convinced you that everything will be okay. But there’s only cold you can feel.

You tried to cover your face from shame of your lack of knowledge, hoping that somehow, God will spend sometime, sit a while beside you. But your tears coming down stream.

You tried to hold yourself back, put the faith as your only chance to get through it, you even hold down your knees, surrender. But all you can find is emptiness.

Not any single clue, not even a sign, nothing.

You got so tired, but just couldn’t sleep. And start living your life by hoping, that someday, your heart will show you the way HOME, to your own truth.

And you’ll know that it’s always in your heart. For only you know.

It’s already there. The absolute truth of yours.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 12:19am

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