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if tomorrow starts without me

…you wont realize it. Because I’ll still be around you, as always. I’ll sit on my corner and do sthings I’ve always do. Staring at people from s distance, aware of all I have. I’ll read and keep an eye of my love, my precious one.

And when the winds blows, I’ll remember you, my friends. The one who always keep be there, never let go. So blessed to have found by you.

And when you wonder, you’ll just relieved in a second. ‘Cos you know, you have all the time in the world for that.

And when it starts to rain, I’ll stand with you, dancing in the rain. Until we get wet, until we get tired, the rain stop falling.

And then the sun will come up, and you’ll know that life will always gets harder everyday, and you’re with me to make it easier to cope.

And when the nights come, the starts starts to blinking at you, remember, I’m here with you. Sit beside me, taste a new coffee-with a chocolate cake, talking about life, wondering about love, singing about dreams.

And when I got home late, I won’t wake you up, baby. I’ll whisper to your ear, I’m here. not going anywhere. That’s when you’ll kiss my fears gently and hold me tight under our favourite blanket.

Because my love, life is just it. And it brought me to you sincerely. For all that I’ve known you inside and finding your arms wrapping my body between the memory of outside life, time will be fairer. And Life, will be just as it is.

And when tomorrow starts without me, you’ll never know. ‘Cos I’m inside, baby. I’ll stay in your heart, as always.

As always.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 at 9:34pm

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