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This story involves two main characters, a young chef and a beautiful woman, who seems to have a perfect day, as always. The restaurant-the only setting of the movie-captures their perfect day, especially today, when these two strangers put themselves to the test of their perfect life.


Everyday, Daffa, the young chef, always having his perfect day. In his small restaurant, we can see the perfect from people’s smile around the corner, enjoying Sayur Asem and sharing laugh while eating. Everybody loves his cook, and can’t get enough of it.


The perfect woman, Sophie, enter the restaurant, so elegance. People staring at her, amazed her. It makes the perfect day more perfect. Until Sophie can’t enjoy the Sayur Asem normally. She put spices, more and more, over and over, then finally enjoy the Sayur Asem.


Daffa, who always watched the first reaction of after his consumer swallowing the first spoon of his Sayur Asem, shocked. Nobody ever treat his Sayur Asem like Sophie did. He suddenly feels miserable. His perfect day is over.


While we believe that Daffa is recovering him self from shocking, we see Sophie, sitting calmly alone with her food in the corner, look amazingly perfect, as always, and suddenly cry.


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I just want to be okay

…it’s been years since I cry like this. sitting in my silence I know am letting my past to be just past. walking through crowded I always thought somehow I move forward, no matter how deep I fell before. been holding this tears, been trying so hard to hold this tears, keep them inside, keep the inside. but tonight, they come out, they are all come out, cover my face with floods I can stop. I keep telling my self, tomorrow I have to work, tomorrow I have to work, tomorrow I have to work. God please, give me a strength to work tomorrow. I have my baby waiting for me and I have to be strong, I have to be strong. I have to keep moving on, please don’t let this tears falling over and over again. am down on my knees and I know this can’t keep continue, please God I want to be okay. I just want to be okay, I just want to be okay.

I’ll be okay, I should be okay.
I should be okay.

Sunday, May 24, 2009 at 10:16pm

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ode to my best friend

jazz tuned up on the radio
I moved my body, holding you next to mine,
as you cry over your own feelings
and sinking down into your own sadness
so sincere, full of worries

hey, beautiful
remember how we used to be?
we crash and burned, crash and burned, crashed and burned
and no matter what, we can always found each other for comfort

‘cos I’ll be the one who’ll stand up and rise for you
I’ll sit down and wait all night to see you back home safe
I’ll be here, anywhere you wanted me to

…just because one time, you did those things for me
and never (even once) give up on me, up ’til now

so come on over, my dear
dance and get crazy with me
we’ll cry, laugh and live, once again
for I’ll never leave you alone
or give up for whatever bad might comes our way

God Bless You. God Bless Us.

Friday, November 28, 2008 at 2:30pm

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to love someone who is broken hearted…

…is more like spending your times by being invisible, but giving all you have for him to make him believe that he’s visible and loved by others.

Sound and sentences comes from his past will be your everyday menu, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even for some snacks.

You can always trust your gut, when it comes to lies he’s been showing you days and nights: that’s he’s okay with his past and his future and even his everything. But you know the truth that Everything is wrong, and he’ll give anything to let her know, that he’s still trying to be a better man, everyday.

So there you are, falling in love with his weakness, his courage to tell you that he’s actually scared out of hell. All you can see is that there’s so much love abandoned, so sincere and yet left behind.

And you wonder. You sit and wondering. You listen and wondering. You laugh and you wondering. You cry and wondering. You down on your knees and wondering.

Why should I care? You said.

Nights end. Days begin. Today, tomorrow, and on, and on. And you hear his sounds, calling every little beat you have left. And you just can’t deny.

You fall and fall into, more and more.
You hurt and hurted again, more and more.

You know, you see, you hear.
Why should I care? You said it again.

This time, you have the answer: because I (just) do.

Because I care.

Monday, July 14, 2008 at 9:34pm

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