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I just want to be okay

…it’s been years since I cry like this. sitting in my silence I know am letting my past to be just past. walking through crowded I always thought somehow I move forward, no matter how deep I fell before. been holding this tears, been trying so hard to hold this tears, keep them inside, keep the inside. but tonight, they come out, they are all come out, cover my face with floods I can stop. I keep telling my self, tomorrow I have to work, tomorrow I have to work, tomorrow I have to work. God please, give me a strength to work tomorrow. I have my baby waiting for me and I have to be strong, I have to be strong. I have to keep moving on, please don’t let this tears falling over and over again. am down on my knees and I know this can’t keep continue, please God I want to be okay. I just want to be okay, I just want to be okay.

I’ll be okay, I should be okay.
I should be okay.

Sunday, May 24, 2009 at 10:16pm

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