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the dark knight rises. a brilliant piece from crazy nolan.

Have you ever watch a movie and you regret the fact that you kept your maner well, and you don’t jump off the seat? Have you ever watch a movie, once it’s end, you don’t want it to end?

I watched Nolan’s movie, first time, Memento. His visual storytelling, crafty editing, crazy plot and amazing way of directing amazed me since then. He reminded me once, that even though we seek for a simple things in life, mostly they don’t come that way. and it’s really okay, as long as you keep tattooed the important messages on your body 😛

Nolan, like Einstein, should have their brain studied. For the ability to move me that way, ah! I stood up, clapping my hands and shouting, ‘Nolan you’re crazy! You’re crazy!!!’ And then I realized people starting to do the same. Because he is, crazy.

I love the combination of casts, the smooth yet crafty works in editing, the marvelous job with the dialogues, man that was really cool! I love just how he made me forget about everything once the movie starts.

Nolan, nolan, nolan.

You’re cool.

You’re crazy.

And I’m proud to witness your signature in directing.


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