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love is a hard work

It’s been almost a year, and I know you must thinking I’m somewhere better, with someone better. And I am.

As the world still goes on, so does my little life. And yeah, questions been answered and answers has become more questions. And more.

Today, my love asking me for fun. He wants to have fun, he convinced me that it won’t be dangerous, for me, him and our relationship. And even if something bad happens, he promised he will let me know, and be honest. He promised to be responsible with the consequences.

And he always thought that everything has their own different places, while am guessing am the one who always be the mess. Well, I’m messy that’s probably right, but things are connected to each other, no matter how sophisticated the cabinet are.

But here’s the fact, I love him, so I care for what he wants and what he needs. I’ll run the fastest way to be with him anytime he feels bad or sad. And when the bad things happens, I committed my self, when I say love, I will roll my sleeves up and fight with him on the front line.

This is a nice place, where we are. We both have dreams and each working hand to hand to help others. Each understands for each pain, and always be the comfort one to run to another. We can’t stop smiling when we see each other, words come up as compliments, night and day, wouldn’t be the same without each other. Yeah, this is a nice place, somewhere better with someone (much-much) better.

I think everybody needs to have fun, everybody needs to know at least they can have 5% of 10.000 things they wants in life. And before anything can really happen, we just have to work things out. We have to try, and if we find ourselves fail somehow, we have to try harder. And harder.

Because let’s face it, Love is many thing but a free lunch. It won’t come as easy as it showed up once you have it in your hand. Love is everywhere like Paradise, but it also hard work. It requires only one thing: will. The rest are not our business anymore.

So this morning, I will kiss my love and wake him up to work. I will roll my sleeves up and tell him, I’m going to fight this with you. Let’s have a good breakfast so you’ll be ready to work hard. We must work on this harder, at least enough to know for sure. And if it should fail, it will be. But at least we tried. I’ll go as far as he goes and sinking as deep as he does.

We will be two little proud warriors to face it, good or bad. We will deserve a better home then, if we win the battle, and something in my mess mind whispering that we will.

So I’m not giving up on you, and you shouldn’t giving up on me, on us. Let’s work this out and you know, all I need from you is just one thing: your will.

I know I used to hug and kisses you goodnight, tonight I think I’m going to need you to hold me longer my Child. And longer.

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