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What the hell we can do about hell?

What do we know about hell, not much. But we tend to believe that we acknowledge the signs, that it’s coming soon, that its getting nearer every day, or sometimes, in my case, that we are already in hell.

Working in film production, you know you will learn to be a friend of chaos and stay positive through any kind of mess. Especially when you’re sitting in the production department. But I think, however, this kind of hell applicable to everyone else involved in the production.

As where I am working now, I feel like I’m in hell, even though it’s just the pre-production, not production days yet. What I’ve been working on so far-my previous experiences, my capabilities, by being a good crew,  is not enough to help the production to run smoothly.

The last week has been crazy, people come and go (with their own reasons) and those who stays lost interest to stay passionate about the work, too tired to deal with any sudden changes and decided to just work it out and not asking why or what, not anymore.

I thought, this should be good. And it is, in a way. My team now filled with people only care about actions, make things happens, executors. Apparently that’s not the real problems coming from.

It’s complicated, and set up to be that highly complicated already. And somehow, I think, the world, this universe don’t agree with us, with this production. Call me crazy, but things I’ve been dealing with was sent by Lucifer, and it’s not getting better every day. Like I always believe, Lucifer always good in two things: sending bills to my credit card and hell to my work.

People now got silent and smiling all the way. They may think that everyone now is okay through this hell, but for me, this is the most fragile situation, where people get silent and just go along the way. Because actually, they don’t.

Because actually, what the hell we can do about hell, anyway? It’s… hell.

We can only just hope that whatever Karma, that God or Lucifer sent to us, to this production, soon will be over and done with, before there’s not even a single soul willing to stay around.


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lights on…

…the sun comes out.

reasons appears.


one might gone.

others may leave.

and there’s not even a single word to describe this hell.


but I’ll stand up and still.

rise up from their reach.

I won’t give up.


I’ve learned to be still.

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