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bottom, an unbearable shadow of a journey.

Being on the bottom of a film production hierarchy is nothing but a challenge. And if you are anywhere near smart, you will able to play it clean and clear with strategies require. Of course, somewhere, sometimes, you still have to find a corner that only you know to release some tensions that nobody should know. It’s hard near impossible for the first time, but when you come to the 3rd or 4th time, you’ll grow out of it.

People look down to you, that’s for sure. No matter how old you are, how far your knowledges about stuff, how low profile you are, people just look down and tend to say so many things to you until you forget how to hear. Because you’re a bottom, a bottom is not supposed to have any say.

People expecting you to know everything, every single thing, no matter how you get the info and the details from any secret files, you printed it and talk up the summary, pointing the highlited ones politely, you will still have to know. About everything, everything that people needs to know. But you’re a bottom, you deal with it everyday, with everybody, you are not supposed to say “I don’t know”.

People likes, no, loves,  easy-fast-cheap. Any other way would make them see you more bottom than you already are. So talk as everything is the easiest-fastest-cheapest, that’s a must skill as a bottom.

People don’t like to hear you say negative words, such as: no, don’t know, don’t have, impossible, etc. A bottom is always hired to spread good news. Even if it’s actually a bad news, try to make it seems like a good news, and works on it later. Like when they ask you about 100 pcs of yellow post it flags, you know you have to order with one week prior, but what you must say is that yes, you have it all, spreading all over the bookstores in the island. They will 50% happy to hear that. Well, an expert bottom will have them in hand at the time.

People works with you everyday, everywhere, everytime. So when you have dinner with people you’re working with, you’re a bottom, when you go to places on a break days with people you’re working with, you’re a bottom. Conversations will go around task you haven’t finished yet, reminders to not forget what you have to do for next, actually, it’s more like working anyway, on a dinner, on a break day. Since you’re a bottom, you simply just have to enjoy it.

People will not understand your chaos. They need stuff and they have to have it, right here, right now. So a bottom must learn to be flexible with their to-do-list, because any demands should come any minute. A smart bottom will manage to get the tasks done and order in time, before people ask. And that’s the real challenge, because this would require other department’s works, such as, of course, finance and accounting department. As a trained bottom, you should use your speech skill and charm to knock on the finance and accounting department, asking them to give you the money that you (people) need.

People will have holiday, and you will update the inventory list. People will go on USD 80 spa/hour and you simply don’t have the money to buy your own nice meal. People will yell at you and you will yell to your pencil or simply eat ice cream and ruining you 2 months diet. People will repeat their bad working behaviours and attitude, and with two deep breaths, you will learn to laugh inside, and still do the silly tasks professionally.

People WILL NOT care. So don’t expect it. You know from the start that you will working as a bottom. Find a good reason why do you want to join this job as a bottom, make a good deal, and be a proud bottom. Even a bottom has a pride—nobody should know about this.

So, here I am, a bottom, trying to accept that it’s my destiny, to be a bottom. I’m practically a single fighter, or usually, forced to be a single fighter. Together with these words, I’d like to let you know that you should always remember, that being a bottom is sucks. Accept and deal with it, otherwise you should never start at all.

Damn, it’s extremely hard.

Friday, August 21, 2009 at 6:25pm

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