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How to be a Flood Survivor in Jakarta

I’m taking off my hat to my friends who amazingly successfully help Jakarta residences during the disaster today. They help providing food, clothes, first aid kit, and many things people needs in time. I personally thankful for you guys, and humbly saying thank you for what you’re doing.

In this little note, I would like to share you my first experience during Jakarta flood. For job reason, I had to stay over at my aunty’s home at the center part of Jakarta, where all you can see is high and higher buildings, houses shared a wall to one another, where the best transport you can get for getting somewhere without getting your self crazy for traffic jam, is motorcycle.

I went to sleep last night at 3 am, after finishing my work, and woken up this morning by simple words “oiiii, the flood is here…”.

I walked out the room and find this instantly in front of our house.


In front of our house, which is actually higher ground than the street.

It was raining in medium scale, but it happens since last night. We, the five of us, can only saw the water gets into the house and started to create strategies of how can we face this with. We certainly can’t go anywhere, many roads and streets are blocked already, even one of my cousin stuck on the street inside her car with my nephew. So we tried to save some stuff from -just in case-, the water got in the house, gets higher.

After a while, we take a break and sits around, while gathering some tools we will need to get the water out of the house, we will do this when the rain stops. And that’s when I see this..


The clothes plastic basket is just floating and row it’s own way somewhere.

We were all moving fast to all of the house directions, so when we stopped for a while and this blue thing calmy pass in front of us, we simply couldn’t stop laughing. It’s so humble that flood or not flood it seemed to find a way to enjoy and ride with whatever happens, ha ha.

As soon as we were ready, we started to collect the water trapped in the house and throw it out outside. Good thing now that the rain has stopped, so we have a positive thinking of getting this done.

My little cousin and I gather gayungs, we use this for taking a shower daily, and now it has a brand new duty. Please take a look of this.


It’s important to have it in your favorite color. It helps a lot when your spirit go down during the effort.

One hour and its getting better, we got most of the water out. You may need something simple to hold the water in a bigger place before you get it out of the house, like this one.


A plastic basket, better be in a wide form and not too high. And makes sure that the handle is strong.

We keep doing this until the a water in about a half cm high. And we changed tools into this.


Pengki, a helpful tool for flood.

We called it “Pengki” here, don’t know what’s the English for this. I am too focusing to write this blog so you guys will have a hint on what to do if this happens to you someday. Knocks on wood 😛

Use that Pengki and plastic basket, and it will gets you the next level, which is little poodles everywhere, including some though spots to reached on. Then, you will need this to finish your mission.


I don’t even know what you called it. I’m too excited to finish this blog! 😛

And off course, the best partner in crime, here it is..


It is a simple tool, you can àlmost get in anywhere in Jakarta. Just makes sure that it is strong one because the work is going to be hard ones, heavy use.

It’s funny that I just realized that my aunty has like 5 of them in the house and now I’m starting to feel like a newbie about this. Work this out with that plastic basket, and you’re just a step away from the finish line.

Another break and my little cousin found this.


I guess this is the end of your journey, dude?…

My other cousin that got stuck on the street in the car with her son now back home. It means the streets are clear, for some, and it’s getting better.And I started to imagine a body spa somewhere in nirvana.

But God has another plan.


Courtesy of Jakarta Globe.

Well, well. There’s a saying in Indonesian song, “…bukan lautan, hanya kolam susu..”, more or less means “’s not a sea, but simply just a pool of milk..” – the song symbolize it for a rich and blessed country.

I’m not sure if that is applicable in this case, although the visual now-as you can all see-is convincing.

But Jakarta Governor, Joko Widodo, has announced that he put the capital under “emergency” status because of the massive flooding that paralyzed the city today. And he announced this until January 27th.

Tomorrow we will have big rain in the morning, and medium ones for the rest of the day. That’s what the weather girl said on TV. We successfully pass this one today, hopefully tomorrow we will have more energy to face this and if I can ask, a mental statement like the blue plastic basket.

Never loose any sense of humor, guys. Even though you may realize now, that your birth visionary is actually to witness this, ha ha.

Good luck all Jakarta people! ^_^

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