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mary-jane, 2 wasted party, swallow sandal. cry these out, pocoyo’s here!

It was a private wedding party, in Bali. It’s a friend of mine’s wedding, close enough to attend, and actually I just realized that it is my only reason to get my ass up to fly there.

That evening, between those grateful moments, with people dress nicely celebrating and sharing laugh, romantic setting in a little garden and little rain pouring down put even more dramatic to that evening to remember, my shoes fell off. Left my stocking standing alone, in cold weather. My shoes fell off… 😦

It was okay at the beginning. I was riding behind a motorcycle and walk around to find my friend SO, up and down, up and down, it was okay. And relax, I didn’t wear them for a running or jogging. I was even had my personal time to congrats the Happy Couples, first before anyone else! Don’t get me wrong, but seriously, I was getting to worried about my shoes (and apparently, my new-brand-black-comfort-stocking) and really wanted to be back home soon and put on socks with my Reebok!

It’s a mary-jane’s ballerina model made of lace shoes. Not too feminine, but not too masculine either. It has black laces all over, and that’s the only feminine side of the shoes. No heels, at all. I don’t have the picture of them, but more or less, it’s like these fabulous Givency (oh, my poor shoes):

Givenchy's mary-jane shoes, beautiful isn't it?...

As my friend SO, my ‘date’ that night, get sparkling moments with her guy, I looked for a corner where I can sit down and figure out what to do now. Because I could feel they starting to broke from the front until middle of my feet. Then, there! A little corner where all the girls wore black dresses standing, laughing and took pictures of themselves near a cozy big wood table. When I got near, I realized all the girls wore black but full of flowers in details. Nice. At first I was worried they will notice me and wondering who I am and what am I doing here in their area. Ack! They’re busy with their digital camera to pose this and that, lean on that wall, or lay on this chair. Lucky me. I have some room to think now.

So, how exactly am I gonna get my self away from this party?

I don’t want anybody notice my almost-broken-shoes, so… wear them? Okay. It’s pretty dark there, no one will notice. I guess.

Hmm, since the bottom is not glued together with the top again (the back part is still hanging there, but like elders, I don’t know how long will they last), how will I make my exit as elegance as my entry (pretty elegance for an entry in the dark, means no one noticed, ha ha)? Well, maybe it’s good to cherish every second under the rain (which was getting harder) by walking slowly as I drag my almost-broken-shoes. Fine.

Next, how will I get my self out of here? I came here with SO’s car and now that SO’s caught in her very personal romantic settings, I couldn’t ask her to leave earlier with me. And this beautiful place? Away from any hussle and bussle of town. Means? No public transport. So? I only know SO, no one else here. Hmm? My so-called-private-motorcycle-driver don’t know how to get here anyway.

Well, I need to get my self out of this garden first. What will I do next, it’s for later. Hah!… *I can hear NKOTB singing ‘step by step! ooh, baby, gonna get to you there…’ (my poor head :P)

So I looked around. Now. No, couple minutes later. Umm… Yeah, now! Nope, wait until that woman walk away. Yup, now! Oh, geez, this guy almost caught my almost-broken-shoes with his own eyes! Hhh… One mississippi-two mississippi-three mississippi. Alright. It’s now or never!… For God sake (!), alright, a couple minutes more will not kill me. Sigh.

Alright, wine is everywhere on the table of this room now. Wines and food I haven’t tasted yet. Poor me. All wine glasses seemed empty and people getting closer to their couple more and more. I wiped my wet black stockings with my own cold hands and hoping rain will get over soon. I hope my stocking will last, cos even now I can feel the cold-wood-floor with my toes!

Oh my God.

Earlier steps was okay, there was 4 level of stairs and we (me and my almost-broken-shoes) made the trip to the black stones on the little green garden. I have never been feeling this bad mood when I saw green grass, imagine how difficult to drag my almost-broken-shoes there.

Stepping on the stones now, it’s pretty dark, no one will notice. No one will notice. No one will notice.

So to speak.

Hey, my alter ego is here 😀 Accompany me through this journey! We better sing now so my back will show a relaxed and elegance look from behind, even from the dark. Cool.

“So long, farewell. Auf weidersen, Goodbye. Goodbyeee…. Goodbyeeee….” I screwed up.

Alright now, who is the damn-brilliant-architect of this place, built some little hills from the main room to the exit door? What, did he/she trying to re-create ‘Sound of Music’ sets in Bali? And the exit door is the same entry door too! And, and, and… why people is getting more lazy and more lazy so they came to a party late? Some almost-broken-shoes are not destined to be seen tonight, you know?…

*Walking slowly, humming a song, look down to my almost-broken-shoes, hoping it won’t get worse that way. I won’t ever know what’s going on up there anymore…

This is just great. I supposed to enjoy a party tonight. Have a good wine and getting to know people around as I will make a living here anytime soon. I prepared the dress, stocking, shoes, jewellery, make-up for like months! I don’t want to give wrong impression as I’m new around here, I want to make friends.

It supposed to be like Bali version, umm, actually my personal version of Coco (Chanel, off course) with a touch of Audrey Hepburn looks in Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie. Classic, simple, elegant. Flowery, but black. No silver, but pearl.

Coco, coco, oh, black and white and those pearls!


who wouldn't fall for this look? 😉

Short hairstyle ala Halle Berry when she got her Oscar with a Madeline’s (played by Jean Seberg, Breathless the movie) attitude. Looks innocent, but actually, na-ah!…


love this look! all about it!!!

coco said at 30 your face shapped your best forever looks. is this my (shouls I say 'best'?)forever look?...

Hufff, it’s all just a wet and almost-broken-shoes now. In time, will break my brand-new-comfort-black stocking, oh I never knew stocking can be this comfort. My dress has not even dance in the room, and my hair all soaked wet. My make up, forget it.

Coco, coco. Please send me a ‘Boy’ for me. Just for tonight. He would carry me and my poor almost-broken-shoes away from this crowd. And my miserable feeling will go away. Away and away…

Olivier Sitruk as Boy Capel. I'm your mistress, Boy! 😉

‘Hello, there. Are you okay?’ A tall-handsome-dark hair-guy showed up in front of me. He wore jeans and shirt, and a face (oh, so handsome!) with drops of rain here and there. I look up and smile, ‘Yeah, why wouldn’t I?’ Oh, no. Not farewell yet. Oh, but, let me change my shoes first. ‘Well, okay then. Take care…’ He smiled and watched me walk passing him. Oh no, please. You go. Don’t watch me, no, not now, not tonight. Please, after you.

Hufff… He’s gone. Hell’s gone. Good. Keep walking. You almost there.

‘Oh my God, look at that!’ A woman sitting on a bench pointed at my shoes when I was on the entry door and walking to the parking space.

‘Yes?…’ I followed her finger, stupidly.

‘Oh, your shoes! What happened?’ I smiled to her, ah I made it to exit door, and this woman, sitting alone, noticed my broken shoes. Okay, let’s say, this is a nice way of saying ‘goodnight’, but please don’t stare at them too long, they will cry…

‘Yeah, that’s why I came out of the party. It broke off, I couldn’t stay..’ She took my hand to help me reach higher lever of 2 stairs (!) and watched me sit down as I wiped my wet feet, left my broken shoes (yes, it’s broken finally) under.

She asked ‘What size are you?’ I said, 39. ‘Too bad, I’m 36. If you are my size I will give you my shoes’ I was suprised.

‘Really? Then what will you wear home?’

She smiled along and explained why was she waiting under the rain with little umbrella on a quiet bench. ‘Oh, I’m waiting for my driver to pick me up. I’m only one step away to get into a car, and another single step away from my car to my door at home. Don’t worry, I used to get barenaked feet all the times’

‘Yeah, sometimes it’s nicer that way…’ I said. But not tonight.

We laughed and share stories. She’s a Japanese, a friend of the groom and has a restaurant business in Ubud. She also not comfortable in a crowd and prefer a silent space to read, write, relax or work. She said, ‘I wasn’t looking at your shoes. I looked at your face, and followed it to your shoes! You sure know how to drive your self to be a genius-romantic person’

I certainly laughed. She is a definitely a crazy woman 😛

‘One look,’ she said. ‘I know you’re not just black and white, like how you look now. Don’t worry, you will be fine. Home to a warm water for your feet’

‘Yeah, I actually crossed my feet fingers on that. Look, look!’ I pointed my fingers to my toes, wich were freezing at the time, not crossing any onther fingers. And we laughed.

A minute later, and she’s gone, when my so-called-motorcycle-private-driver called me to let me know that he’s arrived to the place to pick me up. My friend SO also looking for me. So, the rain has stop? Nope, it’s getting harder. But my rain has stopped. I told SO to not worry about me, I will get my self home. She said she’s sorry about my shoes, and probably, forget about me at the party. I’m sorry too.

Kadek’s here, my so-called-private-motorcycle-driver! I wiped my wet face, hang on to my USD 90 pashmina, now also soaked. I hopped on Kadek’s motorcycle on the back, covered my body with plastic jacket. Left my face open with the rain, I want to see how the night’s end tonight for me. Head’s up, barenaked feet’s down. Both tasted a cold-weird-lonely-dark-rainy moments that night.

And I left my shoes, my broken shoes, there, under the rain. In front of an empty bench, where a ‘genius-romantic’ vocabulary ever said and spoken directly to me, by just one look from a single crazy Japanese woman!

Aaaaah…. Take me home, take me home, please.

Sunshine, sunshine… in this beautiful rainy night: Hey, sunshinee…

My roomate ZAS got me my blue sandals in front of our guest house, and an umbrella to cover my (already) wet body. I appreciated it still, ZAS. I was almost down for bed, when she cheers me up and pushed me to get ready for the next party. The closing party for the Festival I volunteered in. But my shoes? She pointed at one pair of my other roomate’s (MP) sandal. Not very much like this, a lil bit better.


'u can wear this' ZAS said. and keep my stocking safe tonight...

Hell, yeah! 😀

Well, the night happened to be the most crazy, wild and weird night I ever had in Ubud, Bali. A lot of bad things occured, and I, with a state of mind that I’m a ghost-invisible girl, was like a soldier at the front line: never give up, no matter what. I didn’t enjoy the second party anyway, both party that were surprisingly went a total disaster for me (I lost my favourite red-giordano-wind-jacket there at the second party) but I met my fabulous friends there! ZAS, MP, AD, also the pretty lady Alma (you and I both pretty ;)), even the shuttle bus’s driver offered us a ride back to our guest house. It’s a very kind offer sir, but I think I will walk my way home tonight 🙂 –I always love good drivers!–

My broken shoes rest in peace now. Thanks for the rainy night, you kept me where I actually belong: home.

Night, world.

Don’t forget the Pocoyo Dance. Never forget the dance, no matter how the day was.


dance, dance, dance. all night long! 😀

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coaster, coaster, table protector

My child,

Most of your grandma’s tables are made of wood. Sometimes I spent my ‘lazy’ times by reading a book and eating her cookies. Well you know the drink, the fabulous Ice Tea or simply just water with Ice cube. It has to be cold, day or night, trust me.

Among all of family members, she kept her eyes on me more often, warning me to put some coaster under my glass. Well, she has a lot f nice coasters, but she said she will only use them for special occasions, like when the Queen of England come to our house, or the President of US stop using his BB. Gee, I will die before I can use those coasters in my life!

I opened my boxes and found coasters here and there. Apparently, my unconscious mind driven me to buy coasters every now and then. Yeah, you said. You’re just a big shopping mania, mom, you said. Well, allright, I’ll take this one I couldn’t resist them! They’re everywhere. In Bali, airport, Java, wherever I find them. And they’re all unique too, like this one:

javanese handmade coaster

I found this one in a store, handicraft store for gifts. It’s made of algae dried leaves, sewed by hands and it has 2 (two) different colors on each side. They compile them into 3 sets, for USD 5 per-set. It comes in colors too!

I must admit it will took a little maintenance to take care of those Javanese handmade coaster. So, maybe you would like this one, considering a little maintenance they required. This one, I will let you play around and use them nicely. Yeah, you said.

balinese kain ikat and batik coaster

Obviously, they made from Kain Ikat (oh what a gorgeous Kain Ikat!) and Balinese Batik (for the centre of coaster). With a simple patchwork design, it has come to be one uniques coaster. I bought them in a store in Jakarta, pilih-pilih. It was cost USD 6 for one set, contains 4 coaster with a cover. They said the designer is Japanese, but material and tailor from Indonesia. It sure does reminded me of those Japanese wallets they have there for gifts! I always love them.

japanese wallets

Anyway, you might not gonna pass this one.

glassy coke coaster

Cool, isn’t it?… They are easy to clean, cool way to pile them up and put them into inventory, they have little rubber in every corner, so they won’t slip away from the table. I found this at one of the aisles inside Ace Hardware. They cost USD 7 for those four coasters.

The next one is really ‘me’. It’s pop, wrapped with classic material and oh, so cute to even see them.

ceramic coaster

They are found next to ceramic piles, what a treasure I got that day! They slipped a thin cork coaster on the bottom of them, so they won’t slip. It cost USD 7 for a set, contains 4 different painting on each coaster. You must be careful to use them, cos they’re too cute to be broken. Hmm, I bet you won’t let me use them, mom, you said.

I say, put them on home display racks?

You say, in my room? cool!

What a weird kid you are my child. But this one beats all. I got them in Uluwatu Store, in Bali, for free (!), cos I shopped clothes in their stores for more than USD 250 (don’t ask what clothes, see the laces on the coasters, you will understand). Better yet, buy those clothes to get this, or, behold your peace forever.

uluwatu coaster

Na-ah, don’t say anything. I’ll keep this one for Prince William, you know, for when he comes to visit us here someday

What a dreamy mama, you said.

Tickles you until you cry. Love you, dear.

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Uluwatu for a creative lady

Introducing Mia Gofar, my lovely cousin who lives in Singapore, captured in this picture several days ago, when she had a vacation in Jakarta with her family. She is a mother of 3 (three), a very inspirational wife to look up to, because she is a Jewellery designer too. She had her bachelor degree in Architecture and published more than 5 books about Jewellery and designs to create them nicely and esthetically. She even has her own brand for her Jewelleries, it’s:

With her own way, she has been one of my inspiration of what kind of woman I’d love to become to one day. Beside all the contradictions that we both have, I simply adore her consistency of being creative. So that she, for me, like some of my other cousins and best friends, is not just a pretty face.

Several hours ago, when I saw this picture in her Facebook picture album, I have to admit that Uluwatu did a great job to show Mia’s beauty, naturally. Mia told me that it feels a little bit too big for her to wear, but I don’t see it in this picture, it’s just fit her personality well. Uluwatu’s lace is just so wonderfully wrapped Mia nicely. Simple but irresistible.

And you know what? Its originally made in Indonesia, in Bali exactly. The fabric, the lace is handmade (one Uluwatu worker must give her signature in every piece of clothes she made), the workshop is (only) in Bali and even the tailors and the owner is Indonesian.

This is just one piece of Uluwatu. Trust me, once you touch Uluwatu, feel the fabric in your hand and see the lace with your own eyes, you will never get enough of Uluwatu. So stay away while you can, my dear friends. But if it’s too late, well, what can you do, but it’s the most elegant craft a person ever do in a fabric. Uluwatu for A Lady.

PS: Gee. Both Mia and Uluwatu owe me commisions for this 😛

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