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‘Til Death Do Us Part

Wife sits alone. She remember moments, beautiful moments, of her wedding day.

Wife remember today, the preparation for the wedding anniversary dinner, with her Husband.


Then, a very romantic dinner set in the backyard.


Husband whispers love through Wife’s ears.

Wife touches husband under the table.

Both says love, whisper forever to each other, just… unbreakable.


She poured another glass of wine and intensively savor every sips of it.


That’s when she remember, weird ways of Husband acts lately.

Phone calls in the middle of night, whispers over the phone when she slept,

a new way of he dress up lately, weird bills for things she never accepted,

and finally, she remember a visit of a woman, just this morning,

holding a picture of a baby, Husband’s baby.  


it was quite for a moment


And then we can hear the sound of her wedding ring clicking with the empty glass of wine.  

Sounds of clapping hands on the wedding day, when Husband romantically whispered,

‘Til death do us part’, …


—We slowly see Husband’s dead body near the dinner table, lying rigid and cold.

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You’re soon to be a Married Man

A man sits in the park, watching the raindrops, softly touched his hands.

A woman sits closed to him, playing with her hands, covers her own true from the light.

They talked, they share stories. There were only the two of them.


Words said between laugh, between confessions, mentioned when they’re forget about others.

Never knowing how, but it’s been there the whole time.


Both now got silent.


Each learned the beauty comes within the confessions, yet now facing the truth: things changed.

Nothing the man can do, nothing the woman can fight for.

Each now realized,

Nothing will ever be the same anymore, ever.


We can hear the sound of each heart sobbing behind the dark night.

The sound of a silent surrender.

Hopes to be stay strong through this all.


And after a while, the man asked, “Who am I to you now?”


The woman looked at him, and answer “You’re soon to be a married man”

“You’re soon a shadow, playing with my hair, but no longer I can see the face”

“You’re soon understand what I’m feeling right now, and regret what you decided today”

“You’re soon getting married.”


Goodbye, she whispered.

And stand up again, walk out of the park.

Hoping someday, not necessarily soon,

but someday, she will meet a man,

who will give her no reason to leave.



*My best wishes to my best friend’s wedding.

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18 to 29: nothing seems as it seems

it’s 2009 already and every places starting to looks like the same. every face, any kind of taste, all actions man made, all angers, all laughs, all smiles, all that I remember to put through, seems like all the same in the end.

and I must be lie if I tell you that they don’t have their own colors, their own shape, their own taste, their own destiny, somewhere hidden.

it’s reside in full of sincere silent, where even the saddest fallen tears sounds like an angels lullaby, where all the farmers spend their lives working hard at farm and have a nice tea in the end of every evening, praying for a good earth, even after hundreds of years, thousands of warriors died.

it’s shining on each drops of sweat that fallen from my street children’s face, anytime they look up to the sky, hoping to see God, always been that simple, like a freestyle dance in a crowd, where everybody wouldn’t notice but to feel the hard struggling in the air, on every corner.

it’s challenging sun and moon to race their times to unlimited sky, so every angels will meet the demons, arrange the deal, so that any kind of goodness wouldn’t have to burn down with a simple lie. and the demons will have any chance to live among man, but to hurt their loved ones, by simply offering white lies in promises, fatamorgana.

it’s warmly hold the river, which always the only secret path to an endless love, the only treasure man ever search and needs, where all the doors used to closed now widely open, and the guard open their arms to hold man’s fears, will finally able to cope together.

it touches every heart, every skins, where even all the lost souls will shattered through the soft smoke and will finally release the pain inside, and even all the shaking heart eventually meet their strength and continue their journey, with full awareness.

it doesn’t works the same ways, never once, but had always been the only key to every heroes in man’s heart, every answer in every man’s questions, almost nothing to everything, but yet something we can’t deny.

hand in hand, those colors filled the night with so many reasons to patiently wait, under the dark sky, curiously still to understand that every second means so much more. every chance means hope.

..and that hope is you.

yes I know, love spreads it’s bright into thousand and thousand more questions, religion and beliefs seems to look like politics anyway, moms and dads not quit believing that their own enemy is their sons and daughters, and their love is just another investation they made on earth-longing to be paid back someday, man’s having and losing even more, take everything more than a single gift to this earth.

I understand, streets and roads might not as safe as before, art has become consumable products-somehow will die by the other justification, marriage and milk has the same expired date, point of view and subjectivity use more as weapons more than originality.

…wounds everywhere. walk fast going nowhere.

I know. that’s why I hope you will bring your smile up front, never put white flag above your door. be a war if it has to. but that’s what makes you a man, a good one. when you’re standing still, on the truth reveals life to a better more life…

…even when nothing seems as it seems.

I’m with you, my dear.

Friday, January 2, 2009 at 5:58pm

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tears coming down in a daylight…

…as I run fast, leaving everything behind. Not knowing where to go, but definitely not staying.

I wish I don’t have to think hard about everything, for what I wanted is just a simple kind of life. Knowing that everything has been arranged (by someone I respect called GOD), all I have to do is fight for what I wanted or simply just accept for what has brought for me in this life.

Oh, and it feels nice to cry, it feels warm, and every reason to keep spirit of the life had come over and over again. Somebody singing a lullaby, whisper the words in my ears, and I feel warm in the daylight.

I dance and spread my hands, looking up to tell YOU, here I am, living up the life You gave me. I’m soaking in the rain, burn on the sun, running with tears with nowhere to go.

Wondering, where are You? Where’s the Man You send to me? Is he anywhere close?

…or is he never existed?


PS: Anyway, if he ever existed, can you send him wearing white shirt? It would be nice ^_^

Friday, November 21, 2008 at 2:19pm

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