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The warmth of an old friend

It was just another day, works loaded my hands, worries filled up my head and serenity prayers sounding in my heart.

He showed up and touched me, let me know that he’s around. Couple hours later and he’s still there, now take the steps to get nearer to me, and talk about life, friends, works, places he’s been to, reaching for others and unconsciously build a circle around me, people with histories, people with pains, people with warm hearts, surrounding me instantly.

When he talked about his painful road he took, and I wasn’t around, he sent me lullabies in an endless trust pouring into the air between us. He confided in me, trusted me to show his scars. Let me know that scars are okay, it happens to everyone else and that somehow, we simply just have to move on.

I started to smile and laugh. I started to talk, while he sit closer and listen, and eat my snack, calmly. We are old friend, aren’t we?…

That day I never really went too far from him, just around my circle, as usual. But my mind was going all around the place, losing track of time, and I was just an alien in a proud society. Stranger, too busy to even look around.

Yet he found me. Again and again. He soothed my frantic and random minds. Made deal with my worries, simply by being there from time to time.

I don’t have to ask, and he never needed to answer. We both here.

As I whispered to him, “I don’t understand, my mind keeps wondering…”, he said, “…wondering is not always lost.”


My dearest, do you know me? Do you know me by now?

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