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simple way to cover your book

It’s Dec 19. Just a month before I reach 31. Yay! I’m growing up. Older for sure. Wiser? hopefully. Anything that makes me move forward from being 30, is always better.

Under piles of bargain books I have in my room, I found this book I long to hang on to. It’s a bargain book, and the plastic cover seemed to damaged. Maybe it’s time to put a new one. This book, I believe had it’s own adventure. Hang on there, Celestine Prophecy! I’ll cover you good 😉

Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

As you can see, the cover is not bad, so I’m gonna keep it that okay at least for a couple years more.

I always love doing this, covering my books with a plastic sheet. It’s like coffee time with friends. The only difference is, I had my own home made coffee and ‘Friends’ on TV with me (never get bored of these guys).

So lets start. I only need 4 simple things. The plastic sheet, binder clip, knife cutter/scissor and scotch tape.

plastic sheet and knife cutter, and oh, my binder clip and scotch tape is with my mom, we'll get some later 😉

You can get this plastic sheet everywhere. they come in many kinds of plastic, and sometimes, they came in colors!

Now, before anything else, I used to wipe my book cover with wet wipes that contains alcohol. After this, I put it standing to let the alcohol dry up, also give the pages of the book breathing for a while. Yes, the books are human too 😛

don't forget to wipe each corner carefully

Now, while I wait for it to dry up, I will pay attention to this smart dialogue in ‘Friends’, when Phoebe and Ross have an argument about Evolution.


teeny tiny possibility that we could be wrong

Phoebe: Uh-oh. It’s Scary Scientist Man.
Ross: Ok, Phoebe, this is it. In this briefcase I carry actual scientific facts. A briefcase of facts, if you will. Some of these fossils are over 200 million years old.
Phoebe: Ok, look, before you even start, I’m not denying evolution, ok, I’m just saying that it’s one of the possibilities.
Ross: It’s the only possibility, Phoebe.
Phoebe: Ok, Ross, could you just open your mind like this much, ok? Wasn’t there a time when the brightest minds in the world believed that the world was flat? And, up until like what, 50 years ago, you all thought the atom was the smallest thing, until you split it open, and this like, whole mess of crap came out. Now, are you telling me that you are so unbelievably arrogant that you can’t admit that there’s a teeny tiny possibility that you could be wrong about this?
Ross: There might be, a teeny, tiny, possibility.
Phoebe: I can’t believe you caved.
Ross: What?
Phoebe: You just abandoned your whole belief system. I mean, before, I didn’t agree with you, but at least I respected you. How, how, how are you going to go into work tomorrow? How, how are you going to face the other science guys? How, how are you going to face yourself? Oh!

Ha ha. Full of surprises that Phoebe. Thank God, there’s a ‘Phoebe’.

Alright now,the book is ready to be covered. You see, I never take off any sticker that comes on any book, whatever sign and words written on it. I always believe that even books, have their own journey. And since I’m not gonna take them all cremated with me when it’s my time to die, I figured I can keep some spaces for those marks! 🙂


even books have marks on it...

I’m spreading the plastic sheet, put the book on top of it, and cut it.


I took advantage of the thick plastic roll to substitute ruler part. tricky, but fun!

Now let’s get that binder clip to clip plastic sheet to the cover book, both front and back side, for a while.


a little tip, make it tight, we want it to cover the book well 😉

Next step it cutting the edge of tops, like this:


both front and back, up corner and down corner of your book.

Done? Now you will see what I mean by cutting that plastic off.


slip that little part inside the cover of the book, outside the hardcover. this will protect the corner edges..

Do you remember the binder clips before? That buddies kept the plastic going here and there while we’re trying to put a cover to the book. Another reason, is this:


fold the plastic and cut the edge's plastic if you dont wan't too many palstic there...

or, my favourite way, is to fold them together without cutting it at all. this way we won't have too many plastic trash.

Either way, you can always close them with a scotch tape.


try to not put it on the book, but only on the plastic cover. so that the glue in scotch tape won't damage the book for a long time use.

Well, the last step is to take binder clips buddies off, now that the book is covered.


off duty now, buddies! good job... 😀

Let’s see the final look of the book now:


a simple way to cover your book for sure! 😉

Well, I say, it’s not really bad. Doesn’t required too many equipments, no need to spend a lot of money, and this work will be done in 10 minutes, maximum. If this is your first time, try to give it 20 minutes, later with exercises you will do this while you’re watching TV or ‘Friends’!

Have a good day, beautiful people! 😀

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