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saute spinach (tumis bayam) and meatball corn (perkedel jagung)

Don’t tell me you ate all of Indonesian food before you try these saute spinach and meatball corn. Here it is:

saute spinach and meatball corn

I spent hours shopping by my self (with a peace mind and awareness of my monthly budget-don’t worry :P) this morning and I just can’t stand it, I miss spinach very much. They don’t have the organic ones, but okay, this one’s okay too.

just, beautiful color and fresh.

I know, I know. Someday if I can get this t-shirt, I will stop being crazy about spinach.

cute, isn't it? πŸ˜€

Well, when there’s spinach, there’s always corn involve in any way, he he. I didn’t find the kind of corn I used to buy but I think local ones okay too, he he. Silly me, sometimes too picky.

choose the medium one, if you have to, better sweet ones.

Now, my mom usually put corn inside the saute spinach. For me, right now, I want to fry it. And keep the spinach green πŸ˜‰

the spices for saute spinach

Never worry about spices. No such thing like too much spices, trust me. Just put it all as you want to, don’t be afraid. It’s not like there’s a sin for too many onions πŸ˜›

spices for meatball corn. come on, scallions! and oh, never forget the chilli, Indonesian chilli please πŸ™‚

So we go on parallel now. Don’t forget to prepare the rice, I forgot to buy rice today he he

Now, I usually made the meatball corn first, low fire on the stove cos I want them to be as crispy as they can. Starting with putting together all the spices with the corn, and put some flour, salt and oh, my friend dared me to use instant chicken broth to make them taste more yummy. I never did, always counting on the spices and a lil bit salt, maybe a lil bit vetsin. But never really use an instant chicken broth. Let’s try it now.

add water, please...

My mother usually crush the corn with a blender or a tradisional crusher, like ‘Ulekan’–you know it as a pestle and a mortar ha ha. But I’d like to keep it bold and crispy. Not pepper like she used to make with, but chilli. I put one egg per-portion together inside this mix just so they will get more tasty. But don’t make them into a whole form, round and all. I’d like to make them messy and unformed.

So it’s time!

remember, keep the fire small and don't form the meatball corn, he he

By this time, if you do this right with the timing, rice will be done. And you can use that stove to make the saute spinach. This time use low cholesterol oil and put all the spices inside the fry pan.

after sometimes, when you feel the spices is half done, put some water inside.

And when the water boiled, get those Popeye’s vitamin inside.

like usually, I'd love it half done--the spinach. just a lil bit stirring and get it out.

You can mix this saute spinach with sausages, carrot, even cheese or chicken. Don’t forget the chips, Indonesian food must always have chips! πŸ˜€

It’s been raining lately, power out and I’m not okay with a total dark 😦 I had a fever that won’t go even though I take medicine and sleep for more than 8 hours! I hope these spinach and corn will make me full energy once more just like my spinach buddy, Popeye. He he.

popeye the sailor man!

Anyway, it’s Popeye Time! Have a nice weekend everyone πŸ˜‰


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