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what makes people stay

What makes people stay, really? I wonder if there’s a chance to understand all the reasons you told me, you’ve showed me. I just don’t get it, babe.

And again, if the world is changing, right before my eyes, where were you?

How you explain this: history repeating. And keep repeating.

Are we walking on the same foot steps? Are we going somewhere, somehow?

I saw people laugh, holding hands while walking down the beach, smiling to each other as if their whole life would be just fine.

I saw a kid in his mother’s hands, smiling quietly, ashamed to look at me. And when he did, just for a second, do you know how wonderful it was for me to see?…

Because when you walk by your self, all you need is a smile. A pair of eyes looking at yours, sincerely. Telling you that everything is gonna be okay.

And when you realize that you can’t hold on to anybody anymore, you can’t count on anything anymore, all you need is sometimes to lay your head down. Letting the wind saying hello to your tears, and together with steps, you’ll know that you’ll get through this.

Even if you have to lose a lot. Even if you have to swallowing your pride stupidly. You know it will all be over soon. You just know.

That’s why the sunset shouldn’t mean anything, anyway. Not for me, today, without you.

Because I saw your shadow slowly gone, leaving me alone. Smiling like you always know, that I won’t need you, anyhow.

Staring deeply in my eyes and tell me that you’re proud of me, proud of every tears that has fallen down on my face. Cos that way, I grew up stronger, and stronger more.

I think you’re mistaken.

Because I’m drowning to deep now. I’m sinking too deep and too dark to see anything around.

I need you to take me out of here, soon.

Please. Anytime soon.

PS: Mr. David, it’s written a while after the 5th ASEF workshop, I guess I will always miss the moments we all have there. And for that, I’m thank you so much for the opportunity you and ASEF gave me. I always feel better when I remember those days in Japan, even at my worst situations. Thank you. Hopefully we will meet again, soon. Keep up the good work Mr. David ^_^

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 at 9:49pm

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tears coming down in a daylight…

…as I run fast, leaving everything behind. Not knowing where to go, but definitely not staying.

I wish I don’t have to think hard about everything, for what I wanted is just a simple kind of life. Knowing that everything has been arranged (by someone I respect called GOD), all I have to do is fight for what I wanted or simply just accept for what has brought for me in this life.

Oh, and it feels nice to cry, it feels warm, and every reason to keep spirit of the life had come over and over again. Somebody singing a lullaby, whisper the words in my ears, and I feel warm in the daylight.

I dance and spread my hands, looking up to tell YOU, here I am, living up the life You gave me. I’m soaking in the rain, burn on the sun, running with tears with nowhere to go.

Wondering, where are You? Where’s the Man You send to me? Is he anywhere close?

…or is he never existed?


PS: Anyway, if he ever existed, can you send him wearing white shirt? It would be nice ^_^

Friday, November 21, 2008 at 2:19pm

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