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So Coldplay was right when they said that you’re stuck in reverse, you have a thousand books when all you need is a single pen. They were right when they sing that words, you’re tired, exhausted (!) but you can’t sleep.

Numbers were not 1, 2, 3,… anymore. But a form of a circle where we run over and over again inside of it.

We never really move ahead, or forward. We didn’t really achieve anything but headaches, 100 headaches and more when it comes around, that hell.

Did we even have a starting point?…

I’m losing the will to get emotional, get sad or happy, get excited or drown, I’m losing the point of being able to feel and have sympathy, this ‘me-me-me generation’ killed my senses. I’m losing any kind of will to really, just put up a smile on my face from time to time for anyone, for that matter. I’m losing the will to fight, to run the battle, to vent, to run, to get lost, to just simply care.

Am I on the right path?

Or I just have to be more patient?

Either way, how would I know?

Up and down now transform into break, burn and born again.



and Born


Please, my dear world and busy-broken hearted-cursed-blessed-people, may I have my sleep in silence?

Can you keep your noises, just for your self?

Just this one time. I promise next time I’ll dance your noises along. Like I used to be.

But that, next time.


Tonight, I just want to go sleep. I hope you would let me, peacefully.

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