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lights on…

…the sun comes out.

reasons appears.


one might gone.

others may leave.

and there’s not even a single word to describe this hell.


but I’ll stand up and still.

rise up from their reach.

I won’t give up.


I’ve learned to be still.

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the complete awareness

…is to know that you were born with reasons. To understand that every little action you took affects people and environment around you. To be able to accept the fact that every single decisions you’ve made was pieces of a puzzle that somehow created who you are now. That even on the most thin logical ways, you believe that everything has their own places and times, that there’s only one Great Director up there who planned all this. That every single time, all you should ever do is to try your best to reach the best version of your self. That way, you will find balance between the world of your own, the world between you and others, and the world between you and the Great Director.

It’s never easy of course, as dynamic as this world could be, people changes everytime and you live within the ‘fast-move’ world, where everything is now serve in an instant mode, you wonder and often ask why would I care about my reasons? Why should I care about others, and people? Why don’t we just live in our own world and just, you know, live.

But now as I realized, that actions I took not only affects people around me, but literally hurted my body. And I never realized it until I fell down, struggling to even take a breath. This is not my first time, but this should be the worst of all, because beside the fact that this happen at the very wrong time, I kinda set my self out-far away from people-who loved me with their own way. More of the more, the number at the blood diagnosys chart blasted out of the record I ever had. My heart beating slow, I can barely stand and see, cold and shaking hardly, my head like a bomb will explode within seconds. All I can do is tell my boss to not fired me. Not yet. And he just laughed at my silliness.

So this is it, what I really want, to sinking in. Now I know to understand my first paragraph up there, we must learn to acknowledge all the consequences to our self, and once we do, makes sure that we are strong enough to face or carry it, whatever the consequences will be.

Otherwise try to find the best version of who you are, that will put you to a good sleep everynight, a wonderful knowing that you are loved, no matter what. That should lead you to balance your sun and moon everyday, aware of what you have, aware of all you ever dream of, aware of all you fears, aware of your laugh and tears, aware of every single consequences from actions you took, at the very least to your self and to people you love most. The world can wait.

Good night, my dear
I’ll try my best to hang on this
Hold my hand and we’re halfway there
Kisses your forehead and tucked you in

Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 11:41pm

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if tomorrow starts without me

…you wont realize it. Because I’ll still be around you, as always. I’ll sit on my corner and do sthings I’ve always do. Staring at people from s distance, aware of all I have. I’ll read and keep an eye of my love, my precious one.

And when the winds blows, I’ll remember you, my friends. The one who always keep be there, never let go. So blessed to have found by you.

And when you wonder, you’ll just relieved in a second. ‘Cos you know, you have all the time in the world for that.

And when it starts to rain, I’ll stand with you, dancing in the rain. Until we get wet, until we get tired, the rain stop falling.

And then the sun will come up, and you’ll know that life will always gets harder everyday, and you’re with me to make it easier to cope.

And when the nights come, the starts starts to blinking at you, remember, I’m here with you. Sit beside me, taste a new coffee-with a chocolate cake, talking about life, wondering about love, singing about dreams.

And when I got home late, I won’t wake you up, baby. I’ll whisper to your ear, I’m here. not going anywhere. That’s when you’ll kiss my fears gently and hold me tight under our favourite blanket.

Because my love, life is just it. And it brought me to you sincerely. For all that I’ve known you inside and finding your arms wrapping my body between the memory of outside life, time will be fairer. And Life, will be just as it is.

And when tomorrow starts without me, you’ll never know. ‘Cos I’m inside, baby. I’ll stay in your heart, as always.

As always.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 at 9:34pm

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