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28 to 29: unconditional love

A mother shed a tear when press interviewed her. She no longer care about next Christmas she used to celebrate with her daughter, a young celebrity who has been in prison for months caused of using drugs. Softly she said, “I just want to be with my daughter. I love her for whoever she is, whatever bad things she’s done, she’s my daughter. And I just want to be with her”

A woman prepares to commit believes in Islam, in order to marry the man she loves since 10 years ago. For that she left her rich family, and sit every night to make her own wedding dress. At 2 am, she woke me up and said, “Would you kindly teach me how to have a night pray as a moslem? I have a wish, and I hope God’s listen”

A young nice man says ‘hello’ to me, and he told me that he’s been waiting in vain, for his girlfriend to comeback with him, after gone for couple of months, and got pregnant with another guy. He has no clue about what’s going on with her, and left in the dark, waiting for something, anything, in an unlimited time. And when I asked why he hasn’t give up, he said, “I’d like to propose her, because I love her just the way she is, and I want to be the father of her children”

One can even took a midnight flight and landed somewhere half the world, just to meet his half, who was sleeping when he arrived, after a long sleepless night, cry over the break up. He said, “It took me only one hour to finally realized, that I’m too stupid to live without her, I won’t make it without her”

There is such Love that has no condition, and we called it ‘Unconditional Love’, when you love someone unconditionally, for whoever she/he is. It shines through every aspect of our lives transcending space and time. And I always rendered still, as no words can be found everytime I know things like this can happen for real.

My father, who still loves my mother—they divorced when I was 13–, his first love, ignore every chance to fall in love again, with any gorgeous woman, simply he said, “I love your mother. It’s always been her, since always”

People often got lost, when they dealing with ways to show their love to their half. But these people, who able to love unconditionally, and facing the distance and times for being there with their loves ones, always shock me to the core. And this is one of the balance God gave us, for those bastard people, who used love for their own needs and simply not care with others.

So, I guess, my child, whether you have an “A” or a “D” in your report card, whether you’re good at Math and Science or Sport and Art, whether you like my cooks or not, whether you help me clean the house or not, whether you always agree with me or finally make a stand—against me–and walk out of the house to have your own journey, whether you in or out, whether you stand still or always a good friend of changes, whether you’re one kind of strict person or unbelievably flexible, introvert or extrovert, however, I think I will still love you.

Because baby, love is like a flowing water in a river, if you fight the flow direction, it might hurt you. But if you flow with it, most of the times, it will take us to a wonderful journey. With love, you never talk about what you want from others, you simply give and care and take nothing in return.

And when it’s hard for you to understand, just believe, that everything has its places. So try to forgive, when things doesn’t work the way you want to. And be true to your self, for I love you more than any words can describe, go crash and burn, I’ll be here, loving you, my child.

kiss and hugs.

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