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tears coming down in a daylight…

…as I run fast, leaving everything behind. Not knowing where to go, but definitely not staying.

I wish I don’t have to think hard about everything, for what I wanted is just a simple kind of life. Knowing that everything has been arranged (by someone I respect called GOD), all I have to do is fight for what I wanted or simply just accept for what has brought for me in this life.

Oh, and it feels nice to cry, it feels warm, and every reason to keep spirit of the life had come over and over again. Somebody singing a lullaby, whisper the words in my ears, and I feel warm in the daylight.

I dance and spread my hands, looking up to tell YOU, here I am, living up the life You gave me. I’m soaking in the rain, burn on the sun, running with tears with nowhere to go.

Wondering, where are You? Where’s the Man You send to me? Is he anywhere close?

…or is he never existed?


PS: Anyway, if he ever existed, can you send him wearing white shirt? It would be nice ^_^

Friday, November 21, 2008 at 2:19pm

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