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‘Til Death Do Us Part

Wife sits alone. She remember moments, beautiful moments, of her wedding day.

Wife remember today, the preparation for the wedding anniversary dinner, with her Husband.


Then, a very romantic dinner set in the backyard.


Husband whispers love through Wife’s ears.

Wife touches husband under the table.

Both says love, whisper forever to each other, just… unbreakable.


She poured another glass of wine and intensively savor every sips of it.


That’s when she remember, weird ways of Husband acts lately.

Phone calls in the middle of night, whispers over the phone when she slept,

a new way of he dress up lately, weird bills for things she never accepted,

and finally, she remember a visit of a woman, just this morning,

holding a picture of a baby, Husband’s baby.  


it was quite for a moment


And then we can hear the sound of her wedding ring clicking with the empty glass of wine.  

Sounds of clapping hands on the wedding day, when Husband romantically whispered,

‘Til death do us part’, …


—We slowly see Husband’s dead body near the dinner table, lying rigid and cold.

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You’re soon to be a Married Man

A man sits in the park, watching the raindrops, softly touched his hands.

A woman sits closed to him, playing with her hands, covers her own true from the light.

They talked, they share stories. There were only the two of them.


Words said between laugh, between confessions, mentioned when they’re forget about others.

Never knowing how, but it’s been there the whole time.


Both now got silent.


Each learned the beauty comes within the confessions, yet now facing the truth: things changed.

Nothing the man can do, nothing the woman can fight for.

Each now realized,

Nothing will ever be the same anymore, ever.


We can hear the sound of each heart sobbing behind the dark night.

The sound of a silent surrender.

Hopes to be stay strong through this all.


And after a while, the man asked, “Who am I to you now?”


The woman looked at him, and answer “You’re soon to be a married man”

“You’re soon a shadow, playing with my hair, but no longer I can see the face”

“You’re soon understand what I’m feeling right now, and regret what you decided today”

“You’re soon getting married.”


Goodbye, she whispered.

And stand up again, walk out of the park.

Hoping someday, not necessarily soon,

but someday, she will meet a man,

who will give her no reason to leave.



*My best wishes to my best friend’s wedding.

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