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the day when my IT guy is drunk

My child,

Yesterday we were trying to send a big file to our client in France, for a test project in my office. It was an important file, actually needed to send it by the day before yesterday, but they’re willing to wait until yesterday, because, as my bosses said, they love our work very much.

In short, it was on the highest level of priority task.

After so many little chaos, last night, we successfully sent the file, and you could say, we’re on time. Good job, isn’t it?…

Just an hour ago my IT crew sparked me, says that the file sent to client last night. One using Singapore line, another using our own line. I said, thank you, I read the notification email from him this morning. He said, not that one (Singapore), the other one (Own). I said, oh, I didn’t get any email about that other one (Own), sorry. Thanks anyway, I said.

He sent me the link and…

I: Thank you. Anyway, since you haven’t write the email notification for the delivery using Own link, would you write one to our Bosses and CC me in the email?

He: You do that. It’s not my job-description.

I: … (am I having a heart attack?)

He: I’m just the guy who uploading the file. I did my job and now it’s your turn.

I: … (no, it’s not a heart attack) Umm, sorry. But aren’t you going to need a written report anyway? That’s how other guys working system with me. They will email, because they will need the email for their own working report anyway.

He: I’m not reporting to you. But you have to report to your bosses, not me.

I: … (I think I’m lost in a jungle now) This test project is directly handed by my bosses, our bosses. I’m not allowed to communicate to client directly. I’m just the internal coordinator. In short, I’m not gonna be the one who will send the email notification to client. Anyway, our bosses asked you to emailed them directly once the delivery finished, so the time would also be accurate.

He:… (is he dead?)

I: But yeah, I can email our bosses for this delivery. No problem. Thank you.

He: I emailed you last night anyway. You should learn to read your email carefully.

I: … (didn’t he said last night email is for the Singapore link delivery?…) Your email last night is for the Singapore delivery, right?

He: Yeah. Read it.

I:… (hell, yeah. he is drunk) Okay. Thank You.

I wrote the email and sent the notification email to my bosses. CCed to him.

A half hour later, one of my bosses asked me, Ranty, what time did the delivery finished? I said, last night. She said, yeah, what time? I said, I don’t know. I’ll check with He (the IT guy). He checked on his computer and told me what time it finished.

Then, my boss said: “Okay. Thank you, Ranty. But for next time, can you makes sure that He will sendus email notification by the time the delivery finished? I and you and even himself, need to know. Just like how we’re working with others. Okay?…”

Okay, I said. (I wish I know how for He, boss. Ideas just fly away from my head to my toe–now is the time to laugh)

You see, my dear baby, I found out later that He was one of those people who’s afraid to be blamed for anything. He’s also one of those people who will do whatever it takes to have someone else to work on his tasks, so he can get home when he’s sleepy and come to work in the afternoon, without everyone noticed.

So I saved my energy to talk to him and make things clear. Instead, I made my self clear. I will need another person to work on this project, for another 24 episodes. Hopefully not a drunk one, he he.

I may have to feel thankful for my teachers, my ex bosses back in Jakarta, for they never let me feel ‘big’, or ‘important enough’. For they always reminds me, that in every job that will come, either it’s from Bollywood or Hollywood, we the production people are just supporting those geniuses in the creative department, even though sometimes to be able to do that, we have to be creative also. Anyway, we will need to work out on things no matter what. And to feel as a bottom, should be seen as a gift. Because it’s the best position to see everything clearly.

So no reason to feel offended. Or acting like a wall, when you noticed people getting hard to communicate with you. Because up or down, order or not, even job desc or not, we would love to think production wise. Not title wise, or our own safe wise.

For the good sake of the project it self, once my crazy boss, Tino Saroengallo said.

Because let’s face it, we are trying to create art here, who would care for your own sake? For the director sake? 70 people, all eyes are on the project, and you whining for an email you have to send?

Got to go for lunch.

Love you, my dear Child.

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‘eat, pray, love’ soon in Indonesia on october 13th!

Finally, my latest work in film will be screening here soon. I read the book in 2008, got lucky to joined the big crew in Bali, stay for a year for preparation.

Never peek out and got no clue about the movie. My cousin watched it in Netherlands, aaaahhhhh… 😀

I started to get ready for the day. best clothes, best performance, best friends to go too 🙂

I will tell you the details about this work later, stay tuned!



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love is a hard work

It’s been almost a year, and I know you must thinking I’m somewhere better, with someone better. And I am.

As the world still goes on, so does my little life. And yeah, questions been answered and answers has become more questions. And more.

Today, my love asking me for fun. He wants to have fun, he convinced me that it won’t be dangerous, for me, him and our relationship. And even if something bad happens, he promised he will let me know, and be honest. He promised to be responsible with the consequences.

And he always thought that everything has their own different places, while am guessing am the one who always be the mess. Well, I’m messy that’s probably right, but things are connected to each other, no matter how sophisticated the cabinet are.

But here’s the fact, I love him, so I care for what he wants and what he needs. I’ll run the fastest way to be with him anytime he feels bad or sad. And when the bad things happens, I committed my self, when I say love, I will roll my sleeves up and fight with him on the front line.

This is a nice place, where we are. We both have dreams and each working hand to hand to help others. Each understands for each pain, and always be the comfort one to run to another. We can’t stop smiling when we see each other, words come up as compliments, night and day, wouldn’t be the same without each other. Yeah, this is a nice place, somewhere better with someone (much-much) better.

I think everybody needs to have fun, everybody needs to know at least they can have 5% of 10.000 things they wants in life. And before anything can really happen, we just have to work things out. We have to try, and if we find ourselves fail somehow, we have to try harder. And harder.

Because let’s face it, Love is many thing but a free lunch. It won’t come as easy as it showed up once you have it in your hand. Love is everywhere like Paradise, but it also hard work. It requires only one thing: will. The rest are not our business anymore.

So this morning, I will kiss my love and wake him up to work. I will roll my sleeves up and tell him, I’m going to fight this with you. Let’s have a good breakfast so you’ll be ready to work hard. We must work on this harder, at least enough to know for sure. And if it should fail, it will be. But at least we tried. I’ll go as far as he goes and sinking as deep as he does.

We will be two little proud warriors to face it, good or bad. We will deserve a better home then, if we win the battle, and something in my mess mind whispering that we will.

So I’m not giving up on you, and you shouldn’t giving up on me, on us. Let’s work this out and you know, all I need from you is just one thing: your will.

I know I used to hug and kisses you goodnight, tonight I think I’m going to need you to hold me longer my Child. And longer.

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