The Urge of Craving Pasta

Pasta time!

Now, please note I made this from a sudden craving for Pasta, and yes it tasted delicious ^_^

I saw this Pasta several weeks ago and the form of it made me curious. So I bought it.

the reason why I cook today

As I start ‘browsing’ three refrigerators mom has in the house, I found these:

loving the brocolli...

.. and don’t forget these:

these guys never disappointed me πŸ˜‰

The rest is basic.

You will cook the pasta first, and in my case, since I love crunchy stuff to eat, I chopped the beef and fried it. Then we can start to cook the meal!

  1. Put margarine into the pan
  2. Fry the chopped garlic, also chilli, and some of the chopped onion
  3. Pour some water, wait until it boils
  4. Put inside: ketchup, chilli sauce, and cheese, wait until it boiled and mixed right.
  5. Put the pasta inside
  6. After a while, put the brocolli and the rest of the onion down.

chop, chop, chop!

I dont put any salt or additional spices inside, but if you like pepper or barbecue sauce, you can play around with them. Maybe some paprika and mushrooms will make the dish more tasty, and colorful.

Anyway, here it is…

Jaa... jaa... jaaa.... ^_^

Have a nice dinner, beautiful people in the world! πŸ™‚

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Cika and Mika found Chocolates

Dear my unborn child,

There was a twin baby turtles, living in this messy world. They both curious about stuff and love to hang out to new places, meet new people, yes people. In short, for most turtles, they both seemed to be a different ones.

Today, they’re looking for a place to play around. Mom gave them some penny to buy candy, but they thought it would be nice to save it for know. They said saving is good for the future. Oh, well.

Cika, the pink-yellow ones, claimed that she is the eldest than Mika, the blue-green ones. only because she walks faster and think faster. Well, at least for a couple minutes, it doesn’t matter. She is the the oldest and have a right to tell Mika what to do. That’s the most important.

Cika and Mika, the twin baby turtles..

Now, as you see, they found nothing on their way to find a place to play around.

This is boring, Cika said.

Maybe we should try another way on the road home? Mika suggest gently.

So they went through a new path to home, and look around. Just a couple steps away, Cika runs into a place, and she screamed when she saw this…

Little Love, with Smuckers Blueberry jams inside, or Smuckers Orange jam, or Nutella.

Whoaaaa, they look very pretty and pink and, and.. like me! Cika’s happily excited to see this chocolates. Mika read the note next to the pretty things: Little Love, with Smuckers Blueberry jams inside, or Smuckers Orange jam, or Nutella.

And then there were some more, such as these…

Little Love, with Smuckers Blueberry jams inside, or Smuckers Orange jam, or Nutella.

This should be enough to feed the whole village for a month, Mika said.

And then we heard Cika’s screams again, Mika running fast to get near her.

Love Plain. Original taste.

These are so cute, I can bring them all for my girls at school! Yeah, these ones clearly less heavier than Little Love, Mika babbling.

They got curious and curious about these chocolates. It’s energy and we kids need that a lot! Cika shouting from a far, exploring another kinds of chocolate landscape.

Love Genji. Little genji with a cover of chocolate with original taste.

I want to taste it, can I? Cika asked to Mika. Yeah, why not? Mika answered. But makes sure we don’t get arrested later on, I don’t want to play catch with people, it’s definitely not an option.

Kiss Plain. Attached to a stick with original taste.

Kids, mouse and angels. Why not turtles? We kissed once in a while too, right?.. Cika look for Mika.

Mika is staring at another chocolates.

Love Rose. Inside: blueberry and or orange from Smuckers, and or Nutella. Little flowers: plain, original taste.

It’s like, swimming in a chocolate, Mikaaaa….

Pink strawberry flavor marshmallow with a cover of chocolate with original taste. Flowers, original taste.

Careful, Cika. You don’t want to step too close with it.

But, Mika… I want them so bad….

Yupi fruity gummy candy with a cover of chocolate with original taste.

Trees? Mika wonders.

It’s a gummy candy inside, silly. Ck, boys will be boys… Cika said.

Love Stick. Inside: blueberry and or orange from Smuckers, and or Nutella.

It says here, these ones are the bestsellers, Cika. What do you think? Cika? Cikaaa?..

Little Love. Inside: blueberry and or orange from Smuckers, and or Nutella.

Mika found Cika back to the point they started. Why you’re going back here?Β  Mika asked Cika.

Mika, will it be a trouble for you if you chip in too so I can buy and take some of these cuties back home?

…and Cika pose those eyecandy’s face to Mika.

Mika got silent for a moment, he imagine to carry them home just the two of them.

Little Love packages of 2 and 3 chocolates

Oh, they’re so kind to give us the packaging also, so it will be carry on easier on our way back home. Don’t worry Mika, you made my day!

Cika, our way back home is still far away, so I think we will eat them one by one anyway on our way home.

Okay, I will try to keep as many as them still for ourΒ  friends back home. I promise I will try my best. I’m just so excited! Cika is jumping up and down, feeling very happy that she can finally take some chocolates home.

Cika! Hold your self together, or no one will ever believe in turtles anymore. Come on, walk with me, behave your self. Act like you’re older and wiser than me. Like you used to to tell me before.

But I am, older and wiser! Mika!

Yeah, you are Cika. I believe you…

Hey, what is that? You don’t believe me? Let’s race to home, and I will prove you that you’re the youngest between us.

They walked their way far, from the place they never been before. It seemed like they just having fun with each other. Sometimes through everything, it will not matter what you’re doing, as long as you’re doing it with all of your heart, you will have fun and win it anyway.

So my baby, as they walk home now, I think it’s best for you to get some rest. Let’s pray for Cika and Mika, hope they will always find that new places, people and explore anything the world offers them. As I hope you will too.

Good night, Sweety.

Love you.

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saute spinach (tumis bayam) and meatball corn (perkedel jagung)

Don’t tell me you ate all of Indonesian food before you try these saute spinach and meatball corn. Here it is:

saute spinach and meatball corn

I spent hours shopping by my self (with a peace mind and awareness of my monthly budget-don’t worry :P) this morning and I just can’t stand it, I miss spinach very much. They don’t have the organic ones, but okay, this one’s okay too.

just, beautiful color and fresh.

I know, I know. Someday if I can get this t-shirt, I will stop being crazy about spinach.

cute, isn't it? πŸ˜€

Well, when there’s spinach, there’s always corn involve in any way, he he. I didn’t find the kind of corn I used to buy but I think local ones okay too, he he. Silly me, sometimes too picky.

choose the medium one, if you have to, better sweet ones.

Now, my mom usually put corn inside the saute spinach. For me, right now, I want to fry it. And keep the spinach green πŸ˜‰

the spices for saute spinach

Never worry about spices. No such thing like too much spices, trust me. Just put it all as you want to, don’t be afraid. It’s not like there’s a sin for too many onions πŸ˜›

spices for meatball corn. come on, scallions! and oh, never forget the chilli, Indonesian chilli please πŸ™‚

So we go on parallel now. Don’t forget to prepare the rice, I forgot to buy rice today he he

Now, I usually made the meatball corn first, low fire on the stove cos I want them to be as crispy as they can. Starting with putting together all the spices with the corn, and put some flour, salt and oh, my friend dared me to use instant chicken broth to make them taste more yummy. I never did, always counting on the spices and a lil bit salt, maybe a lil bit vetsin. But never really use an instant chicken broth. Let’s try it now.

add water, please...

My mother usually crush the corn with a blender or a tradisional crusher, like ‘Ulekan’–you know it as a pestle and a mortar ha ha. But I’d like to keep it bold and crispy. Not pepper like she used to make with, but chilli. I put one egg per-portion together inside this mix just so they will get more tasty. But don’t make them into a whole form, round and all. I’d like to make them messy and unformed.

So it’s time!

remember, keep the fire small and don't form the meatball corn, he he

By this time, if you do this right with the timing, rice will be done. And you can use that stove to make the saute spinach. This time use low cholesterol oil and put all the spices inside the fry pan.

after sometimes, when you feel the spices is half done, put some water inside.

And when the water boiled, get those Popeye’s vitamin inside.

like usually, I'd love it half done--the spinach. just a lil bit stirring and get it out.

You can mix this saute spinach with sausages, carrot, even cheese or chicken. Don’t forget the chips, Indonesian food must always have chips! πŸ˜€

It’s been raining lately, power out and I’m not okay with a total dark 😦 I had a fever that won’t go even though I take medicine and sleep for more than 8 hours! I hope these spinach and corn will make me full energy once more just like my spinach buddy, Popeye. He he.

popeye the sailor man!

Anyway, it’s Popeye Time! Have a nice weekend everyone πŸ˜‰


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homemade ‘as-I-like-it’ pasta

Have you ever taste the most delicious pasta in the world? I did. I made it my self. In my dream.

So when I wake up, it’s like ‘Pasta!’–and the thought of it dragged me the whole day. So I took the chance, works with whatever there is in the kitchen. Like usually.

First, shopping. Lalala… Seriously, they have like 20 aisles, but the spot for pasta is just as big as your laptop size. But I found one Penne made me curious, ‘who are you? all brown and look delicious?’ So I grabbed one, err, two packs of it.

the color is sooo... tempting πŸ˜›

Do I know what kind of Pasta Penne is? No. Do I know what’s best of it to cook for? Nope. I just grabbed it and can’t wait to cook it πŸ˜€

Also, this butter has been made me curious. Why is this more expensive than reguler ones? So, I bought it. Yup, out of my curiousity, once again.

..and you have to keep it inside the fridge. always.

As for next important ingredients, are Del Monte’s ketchup and Dua Belibis’s chilli sauce. So far, they’re the best. Hats off, guys.

no pasta without these sauces. don't even try it.. πŸ˜€

Last but not least, the king of it all! Cheese! I was looking for a quickmelt ones, but couldn’t find it everywhere 😦 So, since the mind set is to works on anything-whatever-there is, this should be fine. The cheese taste that counts, they said.

I like when everything is fresh, so products with sachet edition always been my fave packaging! πŸ˜‰

I bought the rest at the traditional market, thank you for ML, AW, TR and LW who accompany me to have a little shop near home. Otherwise I would never know how a traditional market looks like in Batam πŸ™‚

Let’s cook! *my roomate, cutie DF offer to help, so this should be fun for us both, hungry girls.

First thing first, make the pasta. You want to make it half done now, trust me.

Then, on the other stove, try to fry some sausages (this time the treat was I got the one with cheese inside the sausages). I love it dry, very dry, so it will crunches when you eat them. Also, ‘as-I-like-it’ added green exotic broccoli, prepare them.

yum yum yum...

Also, since I don’t have any quickmelt cheese, I need a grate. Just to make it easier to blend when we cook.

tempting, isn't it? πŸ˜›

Now get your cutting board and works on it! You know what I mean πŸ˜›

garlic, onion is standart for Pasta. but 'as-I-like-it' recipee goes as far as fresh Indonesian Chilli (red and green, small and big ones) and celery.

I like Indonesian chilli. They are all ‘Wah!’, hot-hot-hot. I always slice them, never blend them. I want to chew them when I eat, little surprises around the toes! πŸ˜€

Oy frying pan, it’s time! Get your butter, garlic, chilli and the center of onion on the frying pan. If you want to do it right, it should be butter-chilli-centre of onion-garlic.

I don't like teflon! go away teflon! classic frying pan is good for me πŸ™‚

Now pour some water there, also onion, cheese, celery, milk and those sauces, off course. How much? Oh, as you like it, dear πŸ˜‰

yup, forget your diet program.

Wait for a couple of minutes to get them sometimes to know each other πŸ˜› It would look like this when it’s ready for Pasta to join.

as I think of it, cheese would be better if they don't totally blend in the water. is there a way to make cheese crispy and keep it still? πŸ˜›

Pasta, please come join us. Don’t get the fire too big, keep it calm enough so you won’t burn them πŸ˜›

the color of pasta soften, as broccoli, I kept them half-done.

My neighbour buddy, LR, invited us to have dinner tonight. He went back and forth about how many people will come. In the end, he asked me to bring any food I have in the house. My breakdown for that is, additional snack, just like VT mentioned this morning: fried potato and garlic bread (will post the recipee for garlic bread later ;))

fried potatoes from local farm

this garlic bread defeated Pizza Hut's garlic bread. ho ho ho πŸ˜€

Also, I made additional sauce, to keep the food warn and spicy (Indonesian food MUST be spicy, and Indonesian cooks MUST be brave enough with hundreds of spices!).

the more condensed the more yummy it will be.

Ingredients would be just as the same like the basic sauce we made before. Paly with it. You have oregano? Throw some of it. You have mushroom? Why not?

Throw slices of pinneaple if you dare. It will surprise you πŸ˜‰

For now they’re ready. Take some of the pasta, spread around the cheese sausages and put the hot-additional-sauce we just made on top of it. Here’s a little preview of it before me and my roomate DF attack! πŸ˜›

the home made 'as-I-like-it' pasta πŸ˜‰

Voila! Bon appetit, mes chers amis! πŸ˜€

F-16 evening meal. Hungry gals beat hungry pals πŸ˜€

Just a little tips for those who lives in a busy days, make your pasta and store in the fridge. Then make the master of your sauce, and store it in the fridge too. When you get home, feel down because your boss act like she/he is the God of everything absolute right (alright, this one was one of my experiences he he :P), and you, you just do everything the wrong way, (LR would shout, “that’s an abuse! abuse!”), heat back your sauce and keep the pasta cold.

Wear your personal home clothes, and have a wonderful ‘me-time’! Not even your boss can make the taste wrong, the pasta got it all πŸ˜€

Bless your self with good food, beautiful friends. I will see you in the other side of the road. Natti, natti πŸ™‚

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how I spent my sunday morning lately

It was early September, when I stared at my pile of clothes and wondered how can there be sooo many clothes like this? Also, why I have so many stationeries? So many crafts? And other stuff I remember I bought them out of happiness to see them around. Now that my room doesn’t get bigger, what should I do with them? Buy more cabinets? Hufff… I had too many stuff. Too many.

My brother took me to this sunday market, and showed me the bourgeoise way of workers at the sub-urban could spend, near my home. Sunday morning-since 5 am, all you can ever look for, is there. So get ready for your morning jogs and don’t worry. On your way home, you won’t get thirsty or hungry or unpleased anymore. Because this street, has everything to offer!

kue pancong, my fave snack since I was 5. yummy!...

piracy dvds, mp3 and cds. all and all...

any kind of remote control, here sir...

decorated snails, for pets or collects.

hand painting from local artists..

like they said, artificial flowers is the future!

ballons! πŸ˜€

pink bicycles for cuties πŸ˜‰

blinds, colorful!

I was surprise by the animo to buy stuff, even on your way home from morning jogs. And so I need some more money to go to Bali and doing volunteer work there-as I promised my self-, I begin to think of an idea. If I’m lucky, I get to throw my unused stuff to people who want them. So I packed my 6 big bags of old clothes, borrow my mom’s brown sheet, and ready to whatever I can do on that sunday market.

It was after Eid Fitri, where most of people hasn’t come back to Jakarta yet. So it was not a lot of people, but some are came and go, shopping their way out. Lucky, for each USD 1 per-piece, I sold USD 50 that day, on my first day-when I don’t even have my own spot! πŸ˜€

SP, my friend-since elementary school, and my mom, shocked to know about this. They never thought we can raise that much money on that simple sunday market. All I had was secondhand clothes and bags, no tables or display, all down to the floor, err, I mean, the street. People actually come down and sit on my mom’s brown sheets when they want to buy. Amazing.

Back from Ubud, I took this seriously. Mom backed me up with some support stuff like a spot (so I won’t hunting spot everytime I come there), tent (so it won’t be too hot anymore), a catering table (so I can put some display), clothes hanger (and some more clothes more than USD 1, cos they’re still brand new).

And this is how it look like:

my sunday market tent! πŸ˜€

I first started with only that clothes, bags and the sheet down under clothes piles. So after 10 am, when the sun started to get vertikal? Imagine my headache at the time 😦

Then, after supports from my mom I didn’t get headache anymore πŸ˜› Do you know what kind of stuff I sell there? Here we go…

secondhand clothes from personal uses of my self, SP, mom, and my other friends.

accesories, crafts, perfumes, stationeries

secondhand bags and brand new clothes, gowns, dresses

home made ice cream by mom, fruity and chocolaty. woohoo! πŸ˜€

And this is what happened after 9 am:

people, people, people. all down the road, people.

browsing, girls?...

the cutest little consumer, treated him self with crafty stuff πŸ˜‰

...still browsing...

for women and men, all there is all...

people attacking my craft corner! he he πŸ˜›

We usually packed our stuff at 1030 am, and my stepfather will come to pick the stuff. I will get home and get rest. Later in the evening, me and SP will meet again for a personal little vacation, to Es Teler 77!


my ride with SP-the Ninja Lady! πŸ˜›

This is the 'Es Teler 77'! Ice little cubes, avocado, coconut, jackfruit, sweeten condensed milk. OMG, I'm in heaven πŸ˜€

At the middle of October, things started to get complicated. My stepfather’s car wasn’t always available, so I have to take a cab and it cost more than I expected.

So I moved my stuff to SP’s house, just 5 minutes away from the street, and had one man (I had his phone number) who will drive us to the street with his cab every sunday morning. The cost was way cheaper than have them delivered to the street from my home.

For a while, it was okay. People, my friends, started to put their stuff too, I got some commissions from the sales I made. Ha ha. This is like Me in Weird-Wonderland. Totally lost, don’t know anything about this stuff.

And then people just gone. I mean, I hardly made any sale at all at the sunday market. I turned down the price, to almost free (like 3 pcs for USD 1). I put more stuff, so there will be new options to consider to buy. I’m open to any kind of chaos, including when I had to have an argue with other vendor near me. It was bad, but I keep coming and did what I usually did. People started recognized, remembered and looking for my tent.

But that’s it. The last time, the only sale I made was spent for my own breakfast with my nephew (who helped me at the day).

Now it’s been a month since the last time I did it. My mom paid the spot until July 2011. I’m going here and there for job interviews, meet old friends to talk about movie projects, and I’m about to move out of my flat. So things been crowded lately and I don’t know when will I be back there on sunday morning.

I surely will miss meeting SP, we always have so many things to share, to argue, to (even) mock at each other.


me and SP, the only friend who has been around. will miss you and those crazy stuff we did, girl! *hugs

At least, that’s my early sunday morning at the market. With a nice friend who always there for me.

Yeah, it’s not bad at all πŸ™‚

How you spent you sunday morning? πŸ˜‰

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